Translation of arbiter in Spanish:


árbitro, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrbədər/ /ˈɑːbɪtə/


  • 1

    árbitro masculine
    árbitra feminine
    an arbiter of taste/fashion un árbitro del buen gusto/de la moda
    • This was sent to David Garrick, an influential arbiter of polite literary taste in London.
    • Not that I'm setting myself up as an arbiter of good taste or reasonableness.
    • Mind you, I'm not so sure that she should be regarded as much of an arbiter of taste.
    • His reputation as an arbiter of taste suffered after an ill-considered attack on the quality of the Elgin Marbles in 1816.
    • Philostratus ranks as something of an arbiter of sophistic tastes and values; he is also an index of sophistic shortcomings.
    • His early investment in Wired Magazine, the leading arbiter of the digital revolution at that time, gave him a front row seat to the third culture revolution.
    • Examine any classic photograph of the original arbiter of style in golf, Ben Hogan, and notice the cuffs on his slacks.
    • Unfortunately, too, they direct the question at an imaginary West that serves as stage, audience, and arbiter of taste, all in one.
    • Hundreds of websites and petitions have been set up across the US supporting this arbiter of public taste.
    • In this manner, the Panopticon reinforces its role as arbiter of public taste.
    • Beau Brummell, the prince's friend, was the arbiter of elegance.
    • His background gives no indication that he might one day become an arbiter of cool.
    • Thus rather strangely, the potential arbiter of morality is always the individual, but only when seen in his entire complexity.
    • Still, McKinley pointed out that family is not necessarily the sole arbiter of racial identity.
    • On the subject of language, a poet is the ultimate arbiter, the judge, the jury and the courtroom cat.
    • Fans consider her the final arbiter on matters ranging from choosing table settings to winning ways with leftovers.