Translation of archenemy in Spanish:


archienemigo, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑrtʃˈɛnəmi/ /ˌɑːtʃˈɛnəmi/

nounplural archenemies

  • 1

    archienemigo masculine
    archienemiga feminine
    enemigo acérrimo masculine
    enemiga acérrima feminine
    • The designer who created the game, Yuji Naka - president and CEO of Sonic Team - is busy these days doing what would have been anathema a year ago: making a Sonic variant for a former arch-enemy, Nintendo.
    • Everyone knows that a hero is only as interesting as his arch-enemy and the bad guy in this film, while amusing, isn't particularly interesting.
    • One would think that a leader who has brought about a historic detente with an arch-enemy would be cheered and feted by his people.
    • Howie, in a fit of apt casting, played Dr. Sivana, the arch-enemy of Captain Marvel.
    • The young boy can't believe that he will have to show up at the neighbourhood rink in the blue and white colours of the arch-enemy!
    • But to some, it still hurts to survive on the generosity of the arch-enemy.
    • Just two days earlier he was threatening his arch-enemy with death.
    • France and Germany, former arch-enemies, had found a solution to their problems regarding the Saarland.
    • It sounds like the kind of agreement arch-enemies might come to when they realise they have to get along to gain mutual benefits.
    • And in a fascinating twist on the Superman story, the show's creators imagine a childhood friendship between Clark and his future arch-enemy, Lex Luthor.
    • Once in Neverland, they become enmeshed in Peter's war with his arch-enemy, the nefarious Captain Hook.
    • It belonged to Alicia Johnson, my arch-enemy ever since the second grade when she poured milk in my hair and pulled the ‘rubber spider trick’ on me.