Translation of archer in Spanish:


arquero, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrtʃər/ /ˈɑːtʃə/


Military Sport
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    arquero masculine
    arquera feminine
    • If an archer shoots their arrow into the wrong target face, that arrow will not score any points.
    • Massed ranks of archers would aim their arrows high, to achieve a large range, without particularly careful aiming.
    • Some archers allow the arrow to rest on the top of their forefinger, some prefer the rest.
    • An experienced archer could fire an arrow every five seconds.
    • The Stoics use the analogy of the archer shooting at a target to explain this notion.
    • The English troops, mainly archers and foot soldiers, dug in behind wooden stakes between thickly wooded ground.
    • To get the most from bow tuning the archer's shooting style must be consistent.
    • Each section was divided into three rows - the archers, the infantry and the cavalry.
    • Once an archer downed a target, he nocked an arrow while relocating to another firing site.
    • In the fourteenth century Edward III incorporated mounted archers using the native longbow into his army.
    • At Falkirk, in more open ground than at Stirling, the English knights and archers were devastating.
    • Athena, disguised like a Trojan, finds the archer Pandarus to shoot an arrow at Menelaus.
    • They rode through the wall and into the city flanked by cavalry and archers and soldiers on foot.
    • All young men in medieval villages were expected to practice archery so there were many skilled archers to be found.
    • It is very important that the arrows are ‘matched’ to the archer and their bow.
    • The size of the bow and the length of the arrow depend entirely upon the size of the archer.
    • A novice archer would also bow to the target after the first hit of the day, while advanced archers would not.
    • But did the Neolithic arrowhead mean that they had found a prehistoric archer?
    • He prepared special archers and cavalry forces for the battles with the invaders.
    • Many handbow archers use sights, and latches with triggers called mechanical releases.