Translation of archery in Spanish:


tiro con arco, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrtʃ(ə)ri/ /ˈɑːtʃəri/


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    tiro con arco masculine
    tiro al arco masculine
    • The activities covered everything from archery to water sports and rock climbing.
    • Thompson is a sports freak, with archery, cricket and scuba diving among his passions.
    • They are used to stop the hands and body shaking while competing in sports such as shooting and archery.
    • They say children watch wrestling on television instead of playing traditional sports such as archery.
    • There's lots to choose from: tennis, football, golf, archery, riding, canoeing.
    • The form of combat which Simeon prefers is archery, where the arrows have no sharp end, but a rubber stopper.
    • All dangerous sports were banned but archery was seen as essential to maintaining the country's military strength.
    • Sportsmen and women took part in a total of 10 sports which ranged from archery to snooker and rifle shooting to swimming.
    • They can have a go at ringo rides, high rope courses, rock climbing, orienteering and archery.
    • He was useless with a sword, missed his targets in archery, fell off his horse as soon as he got on, and in general hated fighting.
    • Renee got hooked on the sport after trying archery during a camping holiday to France with her husband, Ian.
    • It is quite obvious that to improve in archery we need to practice and improve our power of concentration.
    • They have witnessed many Olympic events, including basketball, cycling, football and archery.
    • Try your hand at coin-striking, archery or even crossbow firing and watch as the soldiers round up new recruits.
    • A huge range of activities are on offer from horse riding to archery to golf to keep people entertained.
    • Helen joins in a game of archery with a group of enthusiastic children.
    • Often she would go riding, or practise her archery and fencing, all of which she was extremely skilled at.
    • She was practicing archery, and had totally missed the target and was yelling at it.
    • All young men in medieval villages were expected to practice archery so there were many skilled archers to be found.
    • Live theatre, games, dancing, arts and crafts and archery, bring to life the Middle Ages.