Translation of archetype in Spanish:


arquetipo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrkəˌtaɪp/ /ˈɑːkɪtʌɪp/

Definition of arquetipo in Spanish


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    arquetipo masculine
    • They are resentment personified, archetypes of men with grudges against the world, who - unlike Macbeth - are thereby predisposed to evil.
    • This is ultimately about simple leadership archetypes.
    • There is character development of a sort, but the Star Trek crew are more archetypes than they are people.
    • Caffey's Alberta is less a full-fledged personality than an archetype.
    • I think the reason I find this whole article so amusing is because it's the ultimate archetype of all news stories about weblogs.
    • In some senses, he represents the latest incarnation of an archetype that crops up time and again in popular music.
    • They're also examples of two completely different archetypes of the baseball character.
    • In this play each character represents a fragmented archetype, as well as personalities - the creator, the stranger, the lover, the dreamer.
    • One cartoon discusses 60 + high school archetypes, and these teeny drawings capture the characters with perfect, hilarious economy.
    • Hemingway is remembered not only as one of America's most important writers, but as an archetype of a particular American genre of masculinity.
    • In fact, all of the dramatis personae are sketched as archetypes rather than fully developed characters - the noble and loyal warrior, the scheming courtesan, etc.
    • These were archetypes meant to represent a type of human personality.
    • Styling themselves the ‘Young Disciples’, Matthew, Peter and Paul represent three different archetypes of black male identity.
    • Douglas Camp's forte is representing traditional African archetypes in a physical form that's pure narrative.
    • An eminent scientist and founder of top Pentagon contractor OsCorp, Norman Osborne / Green Goblin is the quintessential archetype of the greedy American capitalist.
    • As an archetype, she represents the Rule of Law.