Translation of architect in Spanish:


arquitecto, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrkəˌtɛkt/ /ˈɑːkɪtɛkt/


  • 1

    arquitecto masculine
    arquitecta feminine
  • 2

    (of idea, event)
    artífice masculine, feminine
    • The chief architect of this project is the President, with whom Dr. Nair has associated.
    • He's one of the chief architects of the drug plan for seniors that people talked so much about in the closing days of last year.
    • I am not only a follower, but I could say that I am the architect of this idea with concrete mechanisms and stages for its achievement.
    • Of course, it didn't help that the chief architect of the plan had gone and its chief opponent was now in command.
    • He was one of the chief architects and creators of the ‘beautiful game’.
    • It is hoped that the architects of the master plan were aware of this fact when it was developed.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (program) idear
    (system) elaborar
    • In response to congestion, the Fibre Channel protocol uses a very carefully architected system of fabric device communications and credit-based transmissions in order to ensure network stability and traffic integrity.
    • Client/server computing models are giving way to more flexible, Web-based architectures providing the required combination of feature-rich applications and Internet architected infrastructures.