Translation of architecture in Spanish:


arquitectura, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrkəˌtɛk(t)ʃər/ /ˈɑːkɪtɛktʃə/


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    arquitectura feminine
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    arquitectura feminine
    • Von Neumann architecture required that a computer do one thing, then the next, and on through the program.
    • There is a paradigm shift between open systems and mainframe architecture.
    • The libraries then take care of the details of mapping it to the super computer architecture.
    • He said the computer networking architecture at the heart of the system needed more time for development.
    • In other words, operating systems based on this architecture have much smaller kernels.
    • Yes, the development of the graphics subsystem architecture is also going very fast.
    • The database architecture is based on dataset components linked to data sources via provider and resolver interfaces.
    • The system architecture is readily scalable to the largest enterprise network environments.
    • A combination of hardware and software architecture will enable this functionality.
    • The open system architecture ensures that the systems can be upgraded and extended.
    • It can only be done if we build a fully distributed architecture.
    • However, later in his career he also became interested in computer architecture.
    • Sun, traditionally a company that revolved around hardware, is now turning in earnest to architecture and software, he said.
    • To effect these changes, new research in supercomputing architecture is also needed.
    • The new Unix boxes and Fujitsu mainframe systems are to incorporate the same architecture, the company says.
    • Both specifications are part of an existing Web services architecture laid out by Microsoft.
    • The obvious query is how far a shared memory architecture will affect the performance.
    • The bus architecture will enable different components on the same ‘system on a chip’ to work together.
    • Data classification involves the mapping of data to a logical and physical architecture.
    • Process management in Linux relies greatly on the hardware architecture.