Translation of ardent in Spanish:


apasionado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrdnt/ /ˈɑːd(ə)nt/


  • 1

    (supporter/patriot) apasionado
    (lover) apasionado
    (lover) fogoso
    (plea/desire) ferviente
    (prayer) ferviente
    (prayer) fervoroso
    she has been ardent in her support of the reforms ha apoyado ardientemente las reformas
    • He has never played rugby, but is an ardent fan and a supporter of the game.
    • Since then, he has developed an ardent passion for the instrument.
    • He was a leading and ardent enthusiast for the very inward investment that he now equally enthusiastically disclaims.
    • Clef, a resident of Kowdiyar in the city, hails from a family which has an ardent passion for music.
    • Their passion is not as ardent, but it is somehow deeper and more mature than when they first met.
    • Fusion's most ardent enthusiasts believe that a viable power plant is 30 years away.
    • It's a long, long listen that delivers very few rewards for anyone except the most ardent techno enthusiast.
    • Your ardent and enthusiastic manner finds favour and could propel you to success.
    • He took a keen interest in sport and was an ardent supporter of Mayo.
    • Though the policy has some ardent Republican supporters, the impetus all comes from him.
    • The council has been an ardent supporter of the scheme, which it says is essential to resolve some of the resort's economic problems.
    • Willie is among Mayo's most ardent supporters and is a regular at all National Football League and championship games.
    • I am sometimes critical and sometimes an ardent supporter of the press gallery.
    • Among Southeast Asian countries, Singapore has been an ardent supporter of free trade.
    • Veronica is an ardent supporter of community action in the parishes of Kilfian and Moygownagh.
    • Peggy was an ardent supporter of the local St. Kevin's club and liked to see her county doing well.
    • Bulgarians are tolerant of other religions but are ardent supporters of Orthodoxy.
    • So the horse's ardent supporters will be able to chart their hero's progress towards another century.
    • It is my ardent desire that I will be able to render similar voluntary services in the future.
    • Tom was expected to poll well but the size of his vote took even his most ardent supporters by surprise.