Translation of arduousness in Spanish:


lo arduo, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrdʒuəsnəs/ /ˈɑːdjʊəsnəs/ /ˈɑːdʒʊəsnəs/


  • 1

    (of task) lo arduo
    (of training, conditions) dureza feminine
    (of training, conditions) rigor masculine
    (of march, climb) lo dificultoso
    • The reunion is imperilled by the physical arduousness of the journey, the boys' suspicions about the father's true motives and the volatile dynamics among the three.
    • However, the arduousness of this process, and the attempts to block it, should not be forgotten.
    • Nothing daunted, Theroux embarked last year on a journey of astonishing arduousness.
    • I can fax, chat on the net or make a cell-phone call abroad but when I walk over to my nephew's house, only a mile and a half away in a rural campus, my journey has a Victorian arduousness to it.
    • Further, the arduousness of state work could be increasingly offset through greater employment of automation and information technology.