Translation of argument in Spanish:


discusión, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrɡjəmənt/ /ˈɑːɡjʊm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (quarrel, disagreement)
    discusión feminine
    (more heated) pelea feminine
    (more heated) riña feminine mainly Spain
    argument about/over sth
    to have an argument with sb tener una discusión con algn
    • I've only heard her side of the argument solo he oído su versión del asunto
    • I didn't see it but after the debate a few students approached the MP and had a heated argument with her, one guy went so far as to say she wasn't welcome here.
    • Last spring, I got into a heated argument with a bunch of lawyers about judicial activism.
    • The workers had a heated argument with the police a number of times.
    • The adults were in a heated argument with another patient who was waiting to be seen in a clinic near the ATM.
    • It is alleged he got involved in a heated argument with the supervisor after she made the request at short notice.
    • The two men in the car began a heated argument with the family before making a phone call.
    • After a heated argument with a male friend, he said I was passive aggressive.
    • Miranda was having a heated argument with a dark haired short girl, dressed in skimpy clothing.
    • Then I got into a heated argument with the snotty salesman who would not allow me to test it outside!
    • Of course, after a heated argument with Guy, she had become more convinced of her choice.
    • She was having a heated argument with Guy about the vote that was coming around.
    • Following the accident, heated arguments were exchanged between the two parties which later resulted in a scuffle.
    • She allegedly set fire to the building following a heated argument with her partner.
    • I could tell there was not only no way around this, but it was going to be my first heated argument with my mom in three years.
    • I did not have the energy to engage in an argument or a heated debate about who had the right of way and who was wrong.
    • Why aren't there any debates and heated arguments?
    • A heated argument and a fistfight broke out whereupon the student council began to agitate for the transfer of seven of the staff involved.
    • Apparently, there had been some sort of scuffle and a heated argument.
    • Apparently married bliss was intermittent, for the couple fell into a heated argument.
    • I'm sure Max is writing in good faith here, so let's address this tiresome argument once and for all.
  • 2

    polémica feminine
    argument about/over sth polémica sobre / acerca de / en torno a algo
    • This supports the defence argument that they were in the possession of the building at all times.
    • However, there are a number of reasons that would support an argument that the move was acceptable.
    • It makes this assertion in support of its argument that a longer sublease would have been easier to market than a shorter sublease.
    • There is a strong argument that similar specialist centres should be designated for other lysosomal storage disorders.
    • The income v.s. apartment ratio is a key theory foundation for the argument that we should not compare Shanghai and New York City.
    • The latest edition of the index supports the argument that the rate of increase in national house prices is tending to moderate.
    • Two museum exhibitions support the argument that contemporary New Zealand fashion ignores its own past.
    • The fact that the men and dogs disappeared into caravans parked in a lay-by near to the field supports the argument that the dogs had just strayed.
    • Then in other news today, I see the argument that ideas in advertising should be paid for based on its usage.
    • This argument has lent some support to the argument that we in fact live in an open universe.
    • First, they support the argument that intellectual property is a cultural phenomenon as well as an economic one.
    • The subsequent mortgages to his brother provide a somewhat objective support for his argument that he was indeed indebted to Dieter.
    • That case was cited in Pirelli in support of the argument that, since in that case there was economic loss when the chimney was built, the cause of action arose then.
    • This appears to support the overall argument that some former stalking victims may go on to victimise others they perceive as threatening in some way.
    • However, this supports the argument that short leases meant tenants were accountable.
    • The same line of thought was used to support an argument that two people could manually collect the information needed for purchasing.
    • Their results support the argument that the supply of loans to real estate is not perfectly elastic.
    • The claimant do not identify any legal or factual basis to support their argument that the policy should not apply to them.
    • Mr. Drabble relied upon two cases in particular in support of his argument that the delays were unlawful.
    • This supports the argument that you should actively shop around to find a better deal.
  • 3

    • 3.1(case)

      razones feminine
      argumentos masculine
      argument for/against sth razones / argumentos a favor/en contra de algo

      • there is a good argument for postponing the decision

    • 3.2(line of reasoning)

      razonamiento masculine