Translation of arid in Spanish:


árido, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrəd/ /ˈarɪd/

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    (climate/region/soil) árido
    • However, from Karadi to Dandi, the land is arid and the vegetation scrubby.
    • The arid climate makes the desert the best outdoor setting to keep planes free of corrosion.
    • The arid land of this autonomous republic supports a nomadic lifestyle.
    • Ethanol has also been found to contribute to smog in arid climates due to its volatile nature.
    • The arid climate would easily sap the nutrients and moisture out of them.
    • From the arid climate of the Sahara to the cold wastes of Siberia, man has learnt how to cope in a wide variety of ways with the effects of the atmosphere.
    • Next I'll tell you about my travels to the arid lands south-east of the great Kalahari desert.
    • Intensive irrigation would reshape arid lands and revolutionize rural life.
    • The inhabitants are dependent on crop farming which is difficult in the arid land.
    • In the United States, such features show up sporadically in arid lands from New Mexico to Idaho.
    • In fact, she says, half of the water used in that arid climate is for lawns.
    • Communities in arid climates often implement strategies for dealing with a lack of rainfall.
    • Its feedstock is a special variety of rapeseed bred to do well in the arid climate of southern Colorado.
    • These findings are in contrast to earlier work that indicated an arid climate.
    • Indeed, dry and warm storage frequently promotes after-ripening of seeds in species of warm and arid climates.
    • It is an arid climate with a few registered inches of rainfall in a normal year.
    • After filming he headed for Namibia, wanting to be in a dry hot and arid climate after four months on a boat.
    • As the sun sets on a bleak plain in the arid Karoo region, the temperature plummets to below freezing.
    • The arid desert climate gets little rainfall, but the Rio Grande provides water for irrigation.
    • Hemp grows in virtually all conditions from arid desert to more temperate climes.
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    (subject) árido
    (life) vacío
    (life) estéril
    • Human stories are more interesting than an arid study of theology.
    • Yoga classes without this element seem to me arid and dull.