Translation of aristocracy in Spanish:


aristocracia, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛrəˈstɑkrəsi/ /ˌarɪˈstɒkrəsi/

nounplural aristocracies

  • 1

    aristocracia feminine
    • Classes are obvious - there were the aristocracy, the middle class or bourgeois, and of course the peasantry or rustic class.
    • Scott's casual attitude to debt was certainly closer to that of the aristocracy than the middle class.
    • This step was taken much earlier in London, where the Philharmonic Society was founded by an élite of the aristocracy, gentry, City, and professions in 1813.
    • They seem to contain many popular beliefs and customs, perhaps as practiced by the non-Aryan locals, and were later accepted by the aristocracy and the priestly class.
    • Tolstoy foresaw the end of the aristocracy in Russian society.
    • Oddly enough, the benefits he conferred upon the common people had the result of weakening the aristocracy, the social class from which he came.
    • Some openly praised the virtues of aristocracy, though they made clear that they opposed hereditary aristocracy.
    • From its founder, the landed Lady Eve Balfour, onwards, the organisation has often found its supporters among the upper-middle classes and landed aristocracy.
    • In large towns, it tended to act as a collaborating class, offering the aristocracy and the upper middle class the means of power in exchange for recognition and status.
    • The Ottoman system had no hereditary aristocracy, and its rulers worked hard to make sure that one did not arise.
    • A great many collectors from the upper aristocracy or rich middle classes called on her skill.
    • From its inception, it was meant to ward off the emergence of a hereditary aristocracy in the United States.
    • The titian-haired lady of the finely-chiselled features detects the Scottish accent and confides that husband number one had been a Scot, a member of the aristocracy.
    • John Woodcock watched as final farewells were said to a respected member of the aristocracy.
    • Towering over the viewer, it is an imposing icon, with a size and status which at the time would have been customary for portraits of the aristocracy or gentry.
    • This makes William Wallace less of an historical oddity for not being a member of the aristocracy when he staged his famous rebellion.
    • Until the twentieth century, the primary patrons of churches and monasteries were the aristocracy, the only group in society who possessed the means to sponsor such projects.
    • By the time Messrs Landale and Morgan took to the field, duelling had ceased to be the preserve of the aristocracy and had been taken up by members of the middle classes.
    • Highly prized de luxe models continued to be commissioned by the aristocracy and members of the bourgeoisie.
    • In a society organized according to hierarchical caste, land was controlled by the aristocracy, and the lower classes rented, borrowed, or worked the land according to a sharecropping system.
    • Although he is descended from Russian aristocracy, he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.