Translation of aristocrat in Spanish:


aristócrata, n.

Pronunciation /əˈrɪstəˌkræt/ /ˈarɪstəkrat/ /əˈrɪstəkrat/


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    aristócrata masculine, feminine
    he is an aristocrat among cabinet-makers es de los mejores ebanistas
    • It swept away the old feudal order of aristocrats and kings.
    • Luchino Visconti was an aristocrat who became a Communist.
    • These are the new collectors, as opposed to aristocrats or members of other wealthy families who have inherited art.
    • We were all seated in the council, all the noblemen and all the aristocrats and councilors.
    • He dressed in rags and rarely took a bath, which fascinated the carefully washed and perfumed aristocrats round the tsar and his family.
    • The law stood above kings and aristocrats with a constitution that had to maintain a balance of power between the rival institutions.
    • She told him that she was the former wife of a Russian aristocrat, and she wrote on her marriage certificate that her father was dead.
    • In 1591 Bruno returned to Italy after being invited by the Venetian nobleman Zuane Mocenigo to educate the aristocrat in mnemonics.
    • For centuries the House of Lords was made up of old aristocrats, those who were born lords or ladies.
    • The industrialists are dressed as bewigged aristocrats of pre-revolutionary France, with Hearst as Cardinal Richelieu.
    • In 1792 the September terror took place in France, in which thousands of aristocrats were executed, including the King.
    • Gradually, in the way that wealthy whites discovered the jazz clubs of Harlem in the 1920s, the aristocrats started hanging around the fado clubs.
    • Greek and Roman aristocrats studied law, philosophy, and the art of public speaking in order to fulfil the political vocation indicated by their birth.
    • Up until the Radical Covenanters confronted the government forces at Bothwell Brig they still had the support of some minor aristocrats.
    • So the aristocrats who sought elections as tribunes had to be able to play the demagogue.
    • Even Doug Anderton - star journalist and married to a wealthy aristocrat - sees his job as literary editor on a national newspaper as a demotion from politics.
    • Although an Italian aristocrat by birth, Piccolomini served the imperial cause faithfully throughout his military career.
    • An aristocrat by birth, his education was in botany and his first appointment was as ‘Botanist to the King’.
    • To be born an aristocrat does not in itself prevent me from taking on the project of liberty for the commoner or the day laborer.
    • But much of the inner unrest of the fifth century was also due to the attempts by senatorial aristocrats to expand their power.