Translation of armament in Spanish:


armamento, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrməmənt/ /ˈɑːməm(ə)nt/


  • 1

    armamento masculine
    • His first war appointment was to oversee the construction of armament factories and military installations.
    • Much higher shares than this have been earned by traditional government suppliers in construction, transport materials, armaments and telecoms equipment.
    • The development of some of the most vital weapons in our armament stems from open, unclassified fundamental scientific research abroad.
    • The massive spending by all nations on armaments must be questioned.
    • Soldiers guard the water and electricity works, armament factories, railway stations and post offices.
    • American squadrons in France had to use British or French armament and equipment.
    • Two thousand mostly female workers carry out a ten-hour night shift at an armaments factory dedicated to making tank parts.
    • She assured the soldiers that they would be provided with the ‘most modern armaments, equipment and technology’.
    • Once they were in close, they could deliver devastating fire from their cannon and rocket armament; only a few hits could bring down a heavy bomber.
    • Today's forces, equipped with great technology and sophisticated armaments, are offensive forces.
    • The treaty is an example of an agreement that sanctioned increases in armaments while limiting the forces that could be developed in the future.
    • On the contrary, the continuation of military armaments in their present extent will with certainty lead to new catastrophes.
    • That is likely to continue unless there is a general reduction of armaments in the area.
    • What is more, it is now possible to make bioproducts that can target and destroy an enemy's armaments and food and water sources.
    • Would you be happy knowing your cash could effectively be funding businesses that provide armaments for oppressive regimes?
    • The build-up of armaments is part of the broadest repositioning of US forces worldwide since the end of the Korean War more than 50 years ago.
    • At the same time, the Turkish military was systematically provided with armaments by the US and Western Europe.