Translation of armchair in Spanish:


sillón, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrmˌtʃɛr/ /ɑːmˈtʃɛː/ /ˈɑːmtʃɛː/


  • 1

    sillón masculine
    butaca feminine
    (critic/revolutionary) (before noun) de salón
    (critic/revolutionary) (before noun) de café
    (traveler) de sillón
    (traveler) de butaca
    • The result is a unique perspective applauded by armchair naturalists in which the stars of the film are also the videographers.
    • What do these armchair counter-terrorists propose that Moscow should have done?
    • Almost all other commentary was grotesque - the work of armchair generals.
    • In relation to what Colonel Gardiner told Adams, then, how did we all do as armchair generals?
    • Using recycled paper has become a badge of honour worn proudly by armchair eco-warriors keen to save the planet.
    • The event is also being televised to thousands more armchair spectators.
    • If there is a blackout of league football next season, even armchair viewers will have to find a new occupation.
    • Even the most amateur of armchair psychologists will detect a whiff of over-analysis here.
    • The benefits of the action replay have long been acknowledged by armchair sports fans.
    • Sitting on a long couch are three armchair athletes with dour expressions on their faces.
    • The best book on suicide had already been written, and it considered the subject from much more than an armchair perspective.
    • It's like armchair generals who've never served in the armed forces.
    • The idea of downloading a film rather than trudging off to Blockbusters in the rain is an appealing one for armchair movie fans.
    • All of which will make his discomfort even more delicious for us armchair observers to enjoy.
    • Unfortunately, what we have here is not simply the ravings of two armchair generals.
    • There has been much armchair speculation on this question, but remarkably little evidence.
    • This is probably one reason why, in my opinion, the British are a nation of armchair forecasters.
    • I've turned into an armchair traveler, so I'll update from my red rattan chair.
    • Midweek matches often have to compete with big TV games and floating fans appear to be choosing the armchair option.
    • He's also something of an armchair psychologist who enjoys reading Freud and other analysts.