Translation of armed forces in Spanish:

armed forces

plural noun

  • 1

    the armed forces las fuerzas armadas
    • Special Forces are found in all branches of the armed services, even the Air Force.
    • A US government source said Muhammad served more than a decade in the armed services and was an Army mechanic in a combat support unit.
    • In the regular armed forces of all the combatant powers women remained a small minority.
    • As soldiers, we are members of the armed services, not the social services.
    • The ceremony was attended by top brass representing all the armed services, including the military's new leadership.
    • The will and courage of the men and women of the armed services are the most effective weapon we will ever have.
    • Today we see the growing importance of joint staffs in western armed forces.
    • Proper logistic outsourcing permits the armed services to focus on their respective core competencies.
    • Members of the battle staff formed seven operational teams and represented all branches of the armed services.
    • DLA encouraged the armed services to submit their requirements early to ensure that all needs were met.
    • By executive order, President Truman outlawed the separation of races in the armed services.
    • When the war started many young men enlisted in the armed forces and the merchant marines.
    • The armed forces consist of a small army and a police force with six hundred members.
    • Furthermore, our armed services and other security forces need to know how the enemy is trained, otherwise how can we stop them?
    • Others were recruited when applying for posts in the armed forces or the Civil Service.
    • I am married and come from a family with a history of service in the armed forces.
    • We deploy the only armed forces who are required to pay UK income tax while on operations overseas.
    • In his Christmas message to the armed services, Mr Blair apologised for the continuing uncertainty over military action.
    • Even as military operations grew more complex, support for the armed services continued to hold steady.
    • Regulars from the three armed services medical corps will also be able to go there for field hospital training.