Translation of armored in Spanish:


blindado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrmərd/ /ˈɑːməd/


(British armoured)
  • 1

    (vehicle) blindado
    (regiment/division) acorazado
    armoredglass vidrio reforzado
    • The armoured vehicle is protected against 14.5 mm heavy machine gun rounds and artillery splinters.
    • Witnesses said US troops riding in jeeps and armoured vehicles opened fire after children in the crowd started pelting them with shoes and stones.
    • The division's long columns of trucks and Humvee armoured vehicles avoided Iraqi army and paramilitary units as they pushed north on Thursday and Friday.
    • Soldiers in armoured vehicles and Humvees cordoned off the area.
    • Stormer 30 is a highly mobile armoured reconnaissance vehicle and light tank.
    • Boffins at Britain's Ministry of Defence have invented an electric ‘force field’ designed to protect armoured vehicles against anti-tank grenades.
    • However, a new generation of young officers embraced the idea of a fast moving war based on armoured vehicles supported by air power.
    • The armoured vehicles are heavily protected by grilles to prevent damage from missiles and petrol bombs.
    • It is a tracked, armoured, amphibious vehicle designed to engage armoured ground and air targets while stationary, on the move and afloat.
    • In-line transmission is by four central axles protected by armoured housings.
    • Military vehicles on display will include a Ferret an armoured scout car British and American jeeps and wartime motorbikes.
    • Some 24 ships, 23,000 military personnel, 400 armoured vehicles and a squadron of fighter-bombers are involved.
    • The Ozelot Weapon System is built on the Wiesel 2 small armoured tracked vehicle.
    • Corporal Jones was on an operational tour in East Timor and was travelling in the rear of an armoured vehicle at the time of the incident.
    • The drivetrain and steering linkages are protected within the armoured hull.
    • The Cavalry commander had the armoured cars with him and was later reinforced by 1,500 infantry soldiers who were sent forward in Ford cars.
    • The army sent in armoured troop carriers and artillery into Racak, Petroovo, Malopoljce and Renaja.
    • The powerful blast tore through the steel reinforced Warrior armoured fighting vehicle the troops were travelling in, blowing the wheels off on one side and forcing it into a ditch.
    • The soldier selects top attack mode to engage tanks and armoured vehicles in order to strike the least armoured area on the vehicle's roof.