Translation of armory in Spanish:


arsenal, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrməri/ /ˈɑːməri/

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nounplural armories

(British armoury)
  • 1

    (stock of arms)
    arsenal masculine
    these techniques are a part of every salesman's armory estas técnicas forman parte del bagaje de todo vendedor
    • One of its many functions was to serve as the armoury, which supplied many weapons to Soldiers of the British Empire.
    • In an attempt to develop the capability to punch through the missile defence shield, countries such as China could decide to massively increase the number of nuclear missiles in their armoury.
    • And China has threatened to respond by massively increasing its nuclear armoury.
    • Is it to make the world a safer place, by hoping that the next Iraqi head of state and his ministers are a bunch of pussycats and will immediately decommission their nuclear armouries?
    • Up the stairs, on the second floor, was an armory of the greatest weapons and articles of armor in the world, both mundane and enchanted.
    • And it is certain that the country has some fearsome chemical and biological weapons in its armoury.
    • A farmer who disturbed prowlers with an armoury of weapons hidden in a car has backed the Manchester Evening News campaign for a ban on replica guns.
    • But for all her quirks Pierce - in all her incarnations - still has a terrifying armoury of weapons.
    • A lovely, expensive catapult was a new weapon for his armoury.
    • The decadent West does not have many ideological weapons in its armoury but until recently, at least, freedom of speech was one of them.
    • What are we doing with our Trident submarines, our vast armoury of weapons or our support for the export of arms worldwide?
    • South Yorkshire police have a new weapon in their armoury - baton guns that fire plastic bullets.
    • Colchester police are gearing up to use a new weapon in their armoury.
    • The Columbine students had an armoury including a sawn-off shotgun.
    • After a decade of the Revolution in Military Affairs the US armoury is now much larger and more proficient.
    • But it's no mystery that the ability to call an early election is a big gun in the armoury of any government.
    • The net gun is only one of the devices, previously the stuff of comic books, which have become part of the armoury of police forces.
    • We have destroyed significant armoury of the militia.
  • 2

    arsenal masculine
    • The Australian Government recently handed over four new state-of-the-art armouries to the PNG Defence Force.
    • The three-story, 88,000-square-foot facility is expected to serve as a model for future high-technology National Guard armories.
    • Missiles rained down on the city as fireballs went up into the night sky after the armoury at the central Ikeja barracks caught fire.
    • The over all effect was one more of an art museum than an armory.
    • The bulk of the ordnance is being held in the armory / magazine of the Kiribati Police Force situated at Betio in Tarawa, one of the islands of the Kiribati group.
    • The Missouri tornadoes badly damaged Guard armories in Pierce City and DeSoto.
    • Located in Sulaymaniyah in northern Iraq, the 22-building academy will include barracks, a dining hall, classrooms and an armory.
    • In January of this year 19 CE Works deployed a Project Management Team of five personnel to manage and supervise construction of armouries for the PNGDF.
    • Maj Hansen said the Australian-developed training school was well equipped with a 300m range, a grenade range, a gym, armouries and living-in accommodation.
    • Winter said he was fortunate enough to be able to minister to a number of the families at the armory that had a family member missing in the attack.
    • Shanahan said there were hundreds of pictures of people missing in the tragedy plastered on the walls of the armory.
    • British officers and, in some instances, their families were killed; armories were looted; and treasuries were sacked.
    • The place consisted of two barrack buildings, an office with an armory, a mess hall, a small gym building, a parade field and a PT Course.
    • On Sunday, he led 15 men in military garb posing as senior officers conducting spot checks on armories, to two army camps in Gerik in northern Perak.
    • The network of tunnels, containing command posts, armouries, kitchens and rudimentary hospitals eventually stretched for 150 miles to within striking distance of Saigon, running at one point under an American base camp.
    • So the weapons are deposited with the police armoury.
    • There was a tremendous amount of soldiers there defending the armory, but they were inexperienced Guardsmen, not regulars.
    • He grabbed five radios, saved one for himself, and patrolled the armory, giving each team member a radio and a rig.
    • The hall is like an armoury, with suits of armours waiting as if for medieval knights.
    • Karen Watts, senior armour curator at the armouries, believes the suit of armour, etched with ornate blue and gold markings, would almost certainly have belonged to a prince of the French court.
    • Further down, there was another large room, the armory, where the weapons and supplies were stored.
    • They were among 29 members of the little-known sect which grabbed the limelight in July last year when members stole a huge cache of powerful weapons from military armories by posing as army officers.
    • Everyone should always assume every firearm is loaded, whether stored in the armory or being used in a training environment, at work, or at home.
    • E-Store Builder give Interland another weapon in its armoury to fend off Yahoo!
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    fábrica de armas feminine
    • Beginning in 1795 and 1801, respectively, these armories manufactured muskets based upon a .69-caliber French 1777 design.
    • As Hoke put it: ‘The most important transfer of technology from the armories to the watch factories was the imposition of a rigid system of organization and the elevation of the machine shop to a position of supremacy.’
    • These A & M schools trained students for practical problem solving in our armories, hospitals, factories, and farms.
    • In 1825, for example, it was considered for a national armory because of the available water power, but the inaccessibility offset its advantages.
    • Although the government built armories, nevertheless, about 60 percent of U.S. gunpowder was imported.
    • With the support of the U.S. government, early nineteenth-century armories successfully experimented with the mechanized production of guns with interchangeable parts, the essential components of mass production.
    • The American System of Manufactures, based on interchangeable parts, emerged from government armories, which became leaders in the machine tool industry.
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    armería feminine
  • 5US

    (drill hall)
    sala de prácticas feminine
    • The largest Alabama Guard unit to return from Iraq, the 877th Engineer Battalion, had its first weekend drills earlier this month at its northwest Alabama armories.
    • Despite these difficulties, on April 28 Colonel Harry Clay Kessler ordered Montana Guard units to report for duty at their respective armories.
    • The siege lines were arrayed all around the triangular-shaped compound of the armory.
    • The parade ground behind the old armory hadn't been used as such for nearly three decades.
    • Around the keep, Silas noted, were the barracks, the mess hall, and the armories.
    • People walked around aimlessly, or watched CNN on the big-screen TVs the National Guard had set up around the armory.
    • As the Marines left the armory Talarissa stared at what was left of Sergeant Terri Carlota.