Traducción de army en Español:


ejército, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɑrmi/ /ˈɑːmi/

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nombreplural armies

  • 1

    (land force)
    ejército masculino
    (barracks/discipline) (before noun) militar
    the Army and the Navy el ejército (de tierra) y la marina / armada
    • to be in the army ser militar
    • to join the army alistarse en el ejército
    • he hated army life odiaba la vida militar / de cuartel
    • army officer militar
    • army wife esposa de militar
    • Now is the time to train as a nurse, join the army or make yourself indispensable to the government in some other way.
    • His work in Cambridge was interrupted by World War I when he worked on the land rather than join the army.
    • And he declared that he would want to fight alongside his men if he joined the army.
    • He was right on one front - Steve did indeed join the army and worked for several years in bomb disposal.
    • On leaving the College he decided to take up a military career and, when war broke out with Spain he joined the army.
    • Until the Crimean War, the Russian army was trained to fight battles like Borodino.
    • For me, reporting for duty on a strike day would be like joining the army and then refusing to go to war.
    • When he left boarding school in England, he joined the army and served in the Royal Artillery.
    • Stewart joined the army at 18 despite his mother's concerns over life in the military.
    • It was an unhappy experience and he eventually ran away to join the army.
    • In last five years, none of the young men living there has been healthy enough to join the army.
    • He joined the army in 1808 but struggled for promotion because he was not an aristocrat.
    • By the age of 14 she had two ambitions: to join the army and to compete in the Olympics.
    • He was young, had only just joined the army and had had very little training.
    • Ron was training to be a Baptist lay preacher when he decided that his duty was to his country and he joined the army.
    • The only option for youth was to join the army or go into town in search of a job.
    • The number of those willing to join the army has been going down in the recent years.
    • He had joined the army as a drummer boy and had served in India before the outbreak of the First World War.
    • Pupils in Preston are signing up to join the army one day a week while studying for their GCSEs.
    • He then joined the army, motivated solely by a desire to learn combat and survival skills.
  • 2

    (body of troops)
    ejército masculino
    • Camp followers shared the military fortunes of the armies they accompanied.
    • All the village men were fighting alongside the two armies, the Corbett army having come to join in.
    • Only the Utuku, of all the peoples known to me in the world, equip and organize their armies in that manner.
    • There was very little formal structure by way of military rank in Viking armies.
    • The transport of land armies by sea and their support ashore by naval forces actually predate warfare at sea.
    • It will also be allowed to equip its army, run a police force and all of the departments of state.
    • A country's capabilities depend very much on how her force is divided between armies and fleets.
    • How do navies, air forces and armies learn from experience and why is it that so often the wrong lessons are learned?
    • More than a fight between armies, the Middle East conflict is a clash between two national stories.
    • Even so it never envisaged itself as much more than an auxiliary force to the armies of Prussia and Austria.
    • His pronouncements cannot bring down governments, or send armies off to fight and die.
    • In effect he was an officer cadet in an army that doubled as military academy for young noblemen on the Continent.
    • These days, great armies fighting each other are a thing of the past.
    • The ploy worked and the Anglo-Dutch army united with the armies of the margrave of Baden and Eugene of Savoy.
    • Bob, an army warrant officer, agreed to have his sperm frozen when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour.
    • While driving them to the border he was stopped by an Iranian army patrol and forced to shoot and kill two soldiers.
    • Officers from an army bomb disposal unit carried out a controlled explosion on the package.
    • In practice armies, even at the height of a campaign, often spent most of their time sitting around doing nothing.
    • Many times in our past we have seen enemy fleets in the channel and enemy armies encamped in the continental ports.
    • The cost of maintaining such huge armies in the field would be prohibitive.
  • 3

    (large number)
    ejército masculino
    legión femenino
    an army of advisers un ejército / una legión de asesores
    • He is now attracting an army of fans, and keeps winning every time he steps up to a new racing division.
    • It has an army of loyal fans which consider the GTi to be the most fun you can have on four wheels.
    • The international gambling industry has hired an army of lobbyists to stack the odds in its favour.
    • He's got his own website and an army of fans who will agree with everything he says.
    • The weight he bears, though, is just as heavy, but it is one his growing army of fans loads on him.
    • There are two armies of cells fighting in the body - the army of the healthy cells and the army of the cancer cells.
    • This is done through local councils who hire armies of lawyers to fight the airport and its army of lawyers.