Translation of Army List in Spanish:

Army List

lista de oficiales del ejército, n.


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    (in UK)
    lista de oficiales del ejército feminine
    • This particular web page is a list of officers in the Veterinary Dept from the 1873 Hart's Army List.
    • The Southern Republic Army List sourcebook examine the inner workings of one of the strongest army on Terra Nova.
    • For each year between 1798 and 1951, there are two series of Army List available.
    • Any Space Marine, Imperial Guard or Sisters of Battle army may include choices from the Adeptus Arbites Army List and take up to one choice from the appropriate section of the Force Organization chart.
    • In order to give a greater degree of consistency and certainty to both players and Army List Checkers, the British Historical Games Society have produced the following set of interpretations which are intended for guidance when selecting army lists.