Translation of army surplus in Spanish:

army surplus

excedentes del ejército, n.


  • 1

    excedentes del ejército masculine
    desechos militares masculine Southern Cone
    army surplus store tienda de excedentes del ejército
    • Many have spent hundreds of pounds customising their kit from army surplus stores ahead of being deployed to the Middle East.
    • The last couple of days before shipping out to the Middle East my step-brother-in-law was traipsing round army surplus stores with some of his colleagues to find some suitable desert clothing.
    • Mr Jennings used to own the well-known Mad Mike's army surplus store in Lee Green and owned motorbikes including a red Triumph Thunderbird.
    • What is this fascination that teenage boys have with army surplus stores?
    • York people worried about the risk of a chemical or biological attacks on Britain have begun trying to buy gas masks from army surplus stores in York.
    • The army surplus store in Plymouth has sold out of 200 gas masks following press panic about biological weapons attacks.
    • It's possible to rummage through army surplus stores then move on to a stall that sells clothes for clubbing.
    • The nurse reached into Tiny's baggy army surplus pants and pulled out a wallet.
    • Petrol power became more popular after the First World War when a lot of army surplus vehicles became available.
    • In the mid-'90s, designers such as Dolce and Gabbana and Chanel took the edgy and youthful styling of army surplus and turned it into high-end garments, which in turn commercialized the former street look.
    • That army surplus shop should be open by now and I want to get that gun sooner rather than later.
    • In the center rested a nest of tents, large army surplus numbers that looked similar to the wooden long-houses of the natives lining the valley's opposite side.
    • Decked in army surplus attire he attended courses in science and mathematics as an unmatriculated student at the university, eking out a living by coaching overseas students.
    • By the way, while we're on the subject of defence procurement, why is it that every Army surplus shop in the world appears to have rack after rack of German army surplus shirts?
    • George Abbott, director of army surplus suppliers Jay Jays, in Sheffield, said he had sold out of the respirators and had seen a demand for protective suits.
    • Paul (who's got a ginger pony tail and always wears army surplus trousers covered in pockets) wanted an apple doughnut.
    • In front of the children were a couple of travellers with half-shaved heads, laceless boots, army surplus shirts and a sleepy lurcher.
    • The hitcher wore a black vest, black army surplus trousers covered in pockets, big black boots and he carried a black leather jacket.
    • Before he went back he went to the army surplus shop and bought some kit and boots.