Translation of aroma in Spanish:


aroma, n.

Pronunciation /əˈroʊmə/ /əˈrəʊmə/

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    aroma masculine
    • The aroma of the fresh coffee could be smelled half way down the street, says Muriel.
    • The air smelled of cotton candy and popcorn, the fresh and tantalizing aromas of childhood.
    • It was stuffed with something soft that rustled and smelt pleasant: a potpourri aroma.
    • Simple things such as clean windows, fresh flowers in a vase and pleasant aromas can make a world of difference.
    • I'm about to have my tea, the pleasant aromas of which are tickling my nose as I type.
    • Residents can smell the aromas of sizzling bacon and fresh-brewed coffee from down the hall before they ever see their meal.
    • Intoxicating smells of chilli, chocolate and cooking tortillas mingle with the less pleasant aromas of fish and meat.
    • As we arrived, we could smell the aromas of the food outside the house.
    • You can feel the romance, you can hear the waiters shout impatiently in their own language and you can smell the sweet aromas of Italian fare.
    • A pleasant aroma wafted into the air and there were smiling faces all around.
    • Remember that if you smoke in your home or have pets, you may not be able to smell a lingering aroma but your buyer can.
    • On the nose, it has strong, fragrant aromas of gooseberry and lime, supported by searingly fresh acidity on the palate.
    • Since both saffron and turmeric have quite strong, distinctive aromas, it should be easy to discern one from the other.
    • I could smell the sweet aroma of honeydew trees wafting softly on the gentle breeze.
    • Eugenol, which is also present in cinnamon, is the substance which gives cloves their distinctive aroma.
    • Looking around the town's square he could smell the wonderful aroma of bread and meats being prepared for the night.
    • Katrina could smell the aroma of pasta sauce and hear the sizzling of the greasy pan.
    • She lit up and Geoffrey could smell the pungent aroma of what he guessed must be Marijuana.
    • The malt's bouquet slowly presents a range of dry, tantalizing aromas, including nuts, honey and grain.
    • There is nothing better first thing in the morning than the aroma of a fresh mug of coffee.