Translation of around in Spanish:


Pronunciation /əˈraʊnd/


  • 1

    • 1.1(in a circle)

      around and around they drove estuvieron dando vueltas y vueltas con el coche
      • Today's Question: Which Celebrity would you most like to drive around for an hour with?
      • So hanging out was good, we talked about something else and drove around and had all in all a nice time.
      • I have now been driving this Kia around for about five days and have discovered that it goes like the clappers.
      • Once upon a time you could drive around with a radar detector so you knew where the radar traps were.
      • They will be driving around and spraying with Malathion in an effort to kill the enemy out.
      • Now you can zap all of your huge CD collection on to one small portable hard drive and carry it around with you.
      • If driving around looking for gifts is more pain than pleasure, why not let the Net do the shopping for you?
      • Lucas was adamant about having a nice, reliable car for us to drive the baby around in.
      • Do they park up and pay up, or do they drive around looking for a free space in another street?
      • Top agents will collect you on arrival at the airport and drive you around to view selected properties.
      • Today, he drives around in a vivid red Ferrari with a personalised numberplate.
      • He had been driving around and around after school ended, looking for something to do.
      • In fact, word went around among the five- and six-year-olds that she was a witch.
      • He had been driving around slowly, shouting abuse and making obscene gestures at police officers.
      • We drove around and eventually found a reasonable hotel on the outskirts of the town.
      • Bored, he spends all day driving around in his hire car - a white Fiat Uno, as it happens.
      • A couple of seasons later he owned a black Honda City, the car that he drives around in.
      • After I got off the phone with him, I went out to my car and drove around for awhile.
      • There was a rumor going around at the meet 'n' greet and then among people going in to the concert that you were there.
      • I think that he is moving around meeting as many of these groups as possible.

    • 1.2(so as to face in different direction)

      she glanced around echó un vistazo a su alrededor
      • Being able to wander around aimlessly is the best way to see things that you'd normally never see, new bands.
      • I wandered aimlessly around thinking about the play and failing to find a wireless hotspot.
      • Sailors in bleached white uniforms wander around trying to convince themselves they are having fun.
      • LA isn't really the kind of place that you just go wandering around in on foot.
      • It was either that or wander around outside so it was safer to be inside.
      • I wandered around until daylight and caught some sleep in the sunshine whenever I could.
      • I'm wandering around in a restless state, reading a page from one book and moving on to another.
      • Still, we hooked up with my sister and spent a very enjoyable day wandering around, so that was nice.
      • I feel slightly lost, not depressed or anything just wandering around with little to do.
      • I was wandering around in a daze, in a white frock, and people were saying nice things.
      • After that, headed off to the Marais, where she left me to wander around on my own.
      • After watching the end of the parade, and a fancy dress contest we wandered around.
      • Why should we have yet more people, wandering around stoned, causing mayhem on our streets?
      • He'd driven the van around aimlessly until it had run out of fuel and spluttered and died.
      • When it becomes crowded they carefully root around in loose jacket pockets or open handbags.
      • Everyone was standing around applauding because they thought it was such a work of genius.
      • And if it does, you can't expect everyone to stand around and accept you as you are.
      • It just seemed like everyone was just sitting around waiting for the world to end.
      • One time we were at a party and everyone was sitting around talking about sex and relationships.
      • After the first rehearsal, we sat around planning our careers in the music business.

    • 1.3(on all sides)

      all around are towering skyscrapers todo alrededor hay rascacielos altísimos
      • there's nothing for miles around no hay nada en millas a la redonda
      • everyone crowded around todo el mundo se apiñó alrededor
      • Victoria Mill chimney in Skipton is a landmark easily visible for miles around.
      • It would affect residents the whole length of its route and would be visible for miles around.
      • First, Debenhams have the last say in which shops are situated around them.
      • It could be seen for miles around and adds a new phrase to the English language.
      • Fireworks are not private nor personal as they disturb and frighten people and animals for miles around.
      • The bridge will have in-built lighting which should enable the bridge to be seen from miles around.
      • You are likely to be the only one for miles around with such a unique Christmas decoration.
      • The night sky was lit up for miles around by the flame from the new ‘big one’ at the iron works.
      • Odd that the local pub doesn't get a mention, given that it's the only place you can buy food for miles around.
      • Smoke from the fire could be seen billowing into the sky for miles around.
      • There follows page after page of pencil sketches showing how they think it will look from miles around.
      • Every motorbike for miles around is heading for the lake at the town centre.
      • For a single week of the summer, there will hardly be a coach or limousine available for miles around.
      • Some of the bigger bangs and flashes of light could be seen and heard for miles around.
      • People came from miles around to go to the Market Hall because of the atmosphere and the stalls.
      • The glowing orangish-red tip seems to be the only source of light for miles around.
      • Even so, what marks the dive is the feeling that every fish for miles around has come here to enjoy the current.
      • This place really is in the middle of nowhere; there is no sign of life for miles around.
      • Everywhere around me, the editorial staff were putting the magazine to bed.
      • Juliet yelled as she ran up to her friend who was still beating up the boy with the crowd around.
      • They where commenting on how much more the area around had become very shabby.

    • 1.4(in circumference)

      de circunferencia
      it is 12m around tiene 12m de circunferencia

  • 2

    • 2.1(in the vicinity)

      is John around? ¿anda / está John por ahí?
      • there's no one around aquí no hay nadie
      • he's around somewhere anda por ahí
      • he's somewhere around anda por ahí
      • I'm usually around after eight suelo estar a partir de las ocho
      • There are old people's flats around and they feel threatened with the rowdy behavior of these kids.
      • They know they are not going to be around when Livingstone takes over the tube.
      • It's been tough for Dav, tough for the board and tough for everyone around.
      • Answer: if you learn a word from a newspaper, it won't be around in another six months time.
      • He seems to still have a few friends around, if the motley crew taking up both sides of the stage are anything to go by.
      • There are lots of Weblogs already around but only the tip of the iceberg is visible.
      • The only regret she mentions is that her father is not around to receive a signed copy.
      • I agree with you that while there are a plethora of organisations around, unity would be better.
      • We make sure there are enough competitions around and fights organised at the club level to keep them busy too.
      • It stuck around even through Margaret Thatcher's reign because nobody dared tinker with it.
      • Love means sticking around through the tough times and not baling out because of a little trouble.
      • What they have been keeping to themselves is one of the most user-friendly cycle routes around.
      • And there were more ballet companies around at that time than is often remembered.
      • By this time I was getting a bit anxious about all the crowds of people around, as I am not used to that these days.
      • This did not mean, however, that his ideas were accepted by everyone around.
      • We need Community Support Officers around when people are feeling vulnerable at night.
      • The open but complex moorland of Ilkley is thought to be one of the most challenging orienteering areas around.
      • Since the two incidents, Petra has been kept on a lead and had a muzzle on when people are around, the court heard.

    • 2.2 informal (in existence)

      computers weren't around in those days en aquellos tiempos no había computadoras
      • she's the only person around who really understands es la única persona que entiende de verdad
      • the idea had been around for quite a while la idea no era nueva
      • in 40 years none of us will be around dentro de 40 años vamos a estar todos bajo tierra
      • it's the best one around es lo mejor que hay (en plaza)

  • 3

    • 3.1(from one place, person to another)

      the dog followed us around el perro nos seguía a todas partes
      • she showed us around nos mostró / enseñó la casa (or la fábrica etc.)
      • he knows his way around conoce la ciudad (or la zona etc.)
      • she offered the chocolates around le ofreció bombones a todo el mundo
      • there's a rumor going around corre un rumor
      • I phoned around hice unas cuantas llamadas
      • he's been around tiene mucho mundo

    • 3.2(to and fro)

      she was rolling around on the floor se revolcaba por el suelo
      • she was waving a knife around blandía un cuchillo
      • he prefers to travel around on his own prefiere viajar solo
      • she rummaged around in her bag revolvió en el bolso

  • 4

    (at, to different place)
    I'll be around at Angela's estaré en casa de Angela
    • she sent me around to the bank me mandó al banco
    • we had some friends around for a meal invitamos a unos amigos a comer
  • 5

    más o menos
    she's around my age tiene más o menos mi edad
    • he must be around 35 debe (de) tener unos 35
    • at around five thirty alrededor de / a eso de las cinco y media
    • around two million people unos dos millones de personas
    • she was born around 1660 nació alrededor de 1660
    • around the turn of the century hacia finales de siglo
    • they flower around mid-June florecen hacia mediados de junio
    • You can be in your hotel room within around five hours of leaving Bolton, if you fly.
    • The journey is around 200 miles, and they will arrive in a couple of days in his hired carriage.
    • It was a long drive to our next stop - around 160 miles to the east on the coast at Torrent.
    • It quickly became a volatile situation with a mob of around 50 people surrounding them.
    • They are due to perform to a sell-out crowd of around 130 proud parents and friends.
    • It is believed that the victim was in a small silver car when he was surrounded by a group of around five or six youths.
    • Vinny and Neil managed to meet in Iraq around three weeks ago while both were stationed in Basra.
    • The Bolton group meets every Friday and a typical meeting attracts around 20 people.
    • Nita joins a group of around six other women who all meet at Mudge Seager's house in Birch Street to knit.
    • Despite all the snow we were able to drive at speeds of around fifty mph without any problem.
    • However, current research shows that bits of hair are only present in around half the sinuses in this area of skin.
    • By the end of last week we had got through to around 100 people on the phone.
    • The case covers dates from around 1988 up to the summer of last year and involves six alleged victims.
    • It is anticipated that the whole scheme will take around five years to complete.
    • The main focal points in the park are the Iron Age hill fort, which covers around 12 acres.
    • And on Sunday I will devote around seven hours to the mountain of marking and paperwork.
    • After Aitken had left the field injured around the hour mark, more chances came Airdrie's way.
    • Meet up at 7 pm for a ride which will last for around one hour, organised by the club's coaches.


  • 1

    alrededor de
    they sat around the fire estaban sentados alrededor del fuego
    • he put his arm around her la rodeó con el brazo
    • they sailed around the world dieron la vuelta al mundo en un velero
    • she looked around her miró a su alrededor
    • the myths that have grown up around these events los mitos que han surgido en torno a estos acontecimientos
  • 2

    • 2.1(in the vicinity of)

      alrededor de
      places to visit around Madrid lugares para visitar alrededor de Madrid
      • do you live around here? ¿vives por / cerca de aquí?

    • 2.2(within, through)

      I had things to do around the house tenía cosas que hacer en casa
      • they traveled around Europe viajaron por Europa
      • she took them around the house les mostró / enseñó la casa