Translation of arraign in Spanish:


hacer comparecer ante un tribunal, v.

Pronunciation /əˈreɪn/

See Spanish definition of acusar

transitive verb

  • 1

    (suspect) hacer comparecer ante un tribunal
    the suspect will be arraigned tomorrow el sospechoso comparecerá ante el juez mañana
    • After the Second World War eminent surviving German and Japanese civilian and military figures were arraigned on criminal charges before international tribunals.
    • But days later, she was arraigned on assault charges.
    • Today a suspected arms dealer was arraigned on charges that he tried to sell shoulder-launched anti-aircraft missiles.
    • Moussaoui refused ‘in the name of Allah’ to enter a plea when he was arraigned on the original indictment in January.
    • Three other soldiers were arraigned on similar charges of abuse.
    • Seven HDA members were arraigned in court charged with neglecting their duties, but were later acquitted.
    • After a separate ‘old style committal’ he was committed for trial to Chelmsford Crown Court, and arraigned on 27th January 1997.
    • But he was arraigned before Leeds Crown Court only last November charged with racist offences after police raided his other home in the Yorkshire town of Harrogate.
    • He had been arraigned on two charges: the first one of production of an unlawful drug pursuant to section 8 of the Drugs Misuse Act and in the alternative he was charged with possession of that same drug.
    • Evidence of the commission of the offences with which he was charged was, of course, admissible at the trial of the charges in the indictment on which he was arraigned.
    • Hamdan and three other men being arraigned this week face charges that could bring life in prison, but other detainees could face the death penalty.
    • In court today, Crowe was arraigned on charges of second degree assault and fourth degree criminal possession of a weapon, the telephone.
    • George was released the next day without bail after being arraigned on a charge of fourth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance.
    • The boy was arraigned yesterday on charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder of a police officer.
    • He was arraigned earlier and the trial judge would not accept his plea of guilty.
    • On June 27, Estrada was arraigned for the lesser charge of perjury.
    • If the accused indicates that he would plead guilty the Court shall proceed as if he had been arraigned on the count in question and had pleaded guilty.
    • Three other guards at the prison near Baghdad were arraigned on more serious charges as the abuse scandal and guerrilla violence increased pressure on Washington to hand over real power to Iraqis on June 30.
    • Yesterday he was to be arraigned on new charges of insider trading, filing false tax forms and conspiracy to falsify books and records in an expanded indictment unveiled May 1.
    • James Ivillaq, 20, is arraigned on charges of attempted murder, illegal use of a firearm, and evading arrest.
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