Translation of arrange in Spanish:


arreglar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈreɪndʒ/ /əˈreɪn(d)ʒ/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1(put in certain order, position)

      (furniture) arreglar
      (furniture) disponer
      (flowers) arreglar
      the chairs were arranged in a circle las sillas estaban colocadas en círculo
      • I arranged the cards in alphabetical order coloqué / puse las fichas en orden alfabético
      • the food was attractively arranged la comida estaba muy bien presentada
      • she arranged her hair in a bun se recogió el pelo en un moño
      • She looked at the various framed certificates, mounted onto the peach colored wall, that were arranged in an unbelievably neat order.
      • The pews were no longer haphazard and broken, instead they now were arranged in neat rows leading up to the front, where a bemused Tane and a fully clothed Ferik sat.
      • Lloyd Williams, who is curating the exhibition, added that the paintings, many of which represented women in the painter's life, would be arranged in chronological order.
      • The sites in Table I are arranged in alphabetical order according to state, county, and local name, respectively.
      • On the white table, the fine silverware had been arranged in order.
      • Bowls of soup, plates of bread, and small dishes of jam and butter had been arranged in careful order.
      • This principle dictates that records should be kept arranged in the order in which they were found.
      • The bills had been arranged in order from the largest amounts to the smallest.
      • The outfits for each show arrive packed in plastic and are usually arranged in chronological order on the rails.
      • The letters have now been arranged in chronological order and catalogued.
      • In this reviewer's opinion, topics in the various chapters should be arranged in the order of their occurrence.
      • In one photo, flower pots have been arranged in a grid formation on stained cement.
      • The collection, arranged in chronological order, would require weeks, not days, to do it justice.
      • My degree in English required me to undertake independent research in numerous research libraries, where books were customarily arranged in alphabetical order.
      • The paintings were arranged in order along a yellow band that stretched around the white walls of the gallery's three divided spaces.
      • My new paint tubes are arranged in a neat arc, brushes and palette knife by their side, and an upturned white enamel plate ready to do duty as a palette until I can find an old one or buy new.
      • There is also a private bar on board and eight comfortable chairs of exquisite design are arranged in perfect order along the aisle.
      • Container-grown plants can be arranged in endless ways to create the ambience you want.
      • The way the notes are arranged on the steelpan ensure that notes a semitone apart are never next to each other.
      • Pour the custard batter into the prepared ramekins and arrange some crepe squares on top.

    • 1.2(put in order)

      to arrange one's hair/clothes arreglarse el pelo/la ropa
      • I needed time to arrange my thoughts necesitaba tiempo para poner mis ideas en orden

  • 2

    (fix up in advance)
    (meeting/party/interview) organizar
    (date/fee) fijar
    (deal/appointment) concertar
    (loan) tramitar
    I've arranged an appointment for Tuesday he concertado cita para el martes
    • we'll arrange your accommodation nos encargaremos de conseguirle alojamiento
    • we arranged between us who would do what acordamos / arreglamos entre los dos quién se encargaría de cada cosa
    • can I leave you to arrange the details? ¿te podrías encargar tú de los detalles?
    • he arranged the details with the manager concertó los detalles con el gerente
    • it was arranged that we would meet after work quedamos en que nos encontraríamos al salir del trabajo
    • she had arranged to meet them for lunch había quedado en encontrarse con ellos para comer
    • Another meeting with regard to the proposed Mussel Festival is arranged for this evening, Wednesday, at 8.30 in the Community Centre.
    • I was delighted when I read that a Midsummer Writing Festival was arranged for last weekend.
    • A special event was arranged for us with the psychic Arthur Pacheco, who communicates with people in the next world.
    • Another meeting was arranged for Monday night, April 5, to sort out the committee's finances and to assess what other assets it has.
    • Another concert was arranged for October, which was just as successful.
    • Our next meeting is arranged for Monday night November 1st at 8pm in the Marian Centre.
    • A disco is arranged for Friday night and a shopping trip to Kilkenny for Saturday morning.
    • The Pakistani delegation will also participate in International Tourism Conference arranged by the Indian Ocean Tourism Organisation.
    • Although he should have communicated through the Hongs, in fact an interview was arranged for him at which officials of Canton city were present.
    • Except for the Naadam festival, which takes place from the end of June to the beginning of July, these performances are only arranged for tourists.
    • The Government hoped it would be left at that, and that a visit could be quietly arranged for the near future.
    • They also run their own executive committee, produce their own business plan and arrange fund-raising events.
    • Both interviews were arranged for 19 June 2003.
    • With both sides accepting Japanese mediation, a ceasefire was arranged for January 28.
    • In the evening, the organisers hope to arrange a dinner and cabaret at West Lavington Manor, when some of the performers from the afternoon concert will be singing.
    • The organisation arranges events and holidays for disabled children with the theme of making dreams come true.
    • We're hoping to re arrange the event for later in the spring should water levels in the beck return to normal.
    • Still my family are so overcome by this momentous event they have arranged a big party for me when I go home tomorrow night.
    • The Council also arranged a Seminar on Study Skills for Parents in January and a Seminar on the dangers of Drugs / Alcohol in February.
    • Government-sponsored art loans may be arranged in order to promote a nation's image overseas, attracting investments and favourable foreign relations policies.
    • A couple of months ago, for instance, an Australian production was ready to sign her up, but she arranged to meet with the director anyway.
    • Upon further investigation, she found the house where her mother had lived in nearby Leigh-on-Sea and located her mother's sisters, Ella and Gladys, whom she arranged to meet.
    • Through friends of friends I have arranged to meet some journalists and actors over there, some of whom have archival video and stills from the Marcos era.
    • So he arranged to meet with a man who had headed a corporation with extensive business ties to Enron and who had been a prime recipient of Enron's political largesse.
    • I'd arranged to meet him there ‘at the usual time’.
    • ‘I'm at ease with the fame that television has brought me,’ he says, relaxing in the lounge of the hotel in New York where we had arranged to meet.
    • Mikhail had visited several addresses in St Mary's before he arranged to meet up with a man at the junction of Derby Road and Cranbury Avenue at about 11 pm last Wednesday.
    • She and a group of activists arranged to meet them.
    • I've arranged to meet him during the course of the week to discuss details and hopefully come to an arrangement.
    • I was coming home from a late night modeling assignment, and I had arranged to meet my former landlord to pick up my security deposit.
    • I arranged to meet them later after I had found a place to stay.
    • The two arranged to meet at a restaurant in downtown Houston.
    • One footballer had arranged to meet up with a friend.
    • Robert Walsh said he met Michael Clarke and arranged to pay him £20,000 for his services in cashing the cheques.
    • Julie and Andy arranged to meet up at Julie's flat.
    • They had arranged to meet in front of the library on the day war was declared, to voice their opposition to what they believed was an unjust and unnecessary conflict.
    • Back in Sofia, I arranged to meet another second cousin, Stefan, who lives nearby in Slivenitsa.
    • They arranged to meet at four o'clock; he told her he was manager of the garage now, so could leave when he pleased.
    • Mr Blunden dialled 999 and told police he suspected he had illegal immigrants on board and arranged to meet them in the town centre.
    • Shortly after, I called my assigned photographer and arranged to meet him at 11.
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intransitive verb

  • 1

    to arrange for sth
    to arrange for sb/sth to + inf