Translation of arrangement in Spanish:


disposición, n.

Pronunciation /əˈreɪndʒmənt/ /əˈreɪn(d)ʒm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (of furniture)
    disposición feminine
    a flower arrangement un arreglo floral
    • The books of the OT and NT have reached their present number and arrangement by a process of adjustment and elimination over centuries.
    • If the Government wish to convince the Muslim community about the need to pay higher Haj charter fare, the process of charter arrangement must become transparent.
    • The shape of neurons varies with the number and arrangement of their processes.
    • Government customers provide economic incentives in the process of arrangement of tenders and during the award and performance of contracts.
    • The whole point of a federalist approach is that it lets the voters of the states decide what sort of arrangement counts as a social-policy success.
    • Nor did he put the figures on display in a frontally disposed arrangement.
    • Tom Phillips presented a typically idiosyncratic arrangement of 40 sheets of Minutes from RA meetings on which he'd doodled quite exquisitely.
    • TGI Fridays has more than one seating arrangement, ranging from the stools around the central bar to cosy nooks for couples.
    • My children are at state schools and my health is in the care of the state - and I am happy with this socially just arrangement.
    • The cottages were so minuscule, they must have had some sort of stacking arrangement for sleeping.
    • The audience sit in a sort of three-cornered arrangement facing the main platform.
    • It's a big job, dressing a tree properly, and it takes a couple of days for the arrangement to settle down, during which period there is a need for much tweaking of the decorations until there's no further improvement to be made.
    • Pete finally settled on an arrangement that he was happy with, consisting of a butterfly and a long loop leading to a bowline on the bight.
    • Within the next meadow only a few hundred feet away from Ysban's settlement was an arrangement of stone pillars.
  • 2

    • 2.1(agreement)

      what's the arrangement for tomorrow? ¿cómo hemos/se ha quedado para mañana?
      • it seemed the most sensible arrangement parecía el mejor arreglo / la mejor solución
      • the arrangement is that she'll pick us up at seven hemos/he quedado en que nos pasará a recoger a las siete
      • we made an arrangement to meet the next day quedamos en encontrarnos al día siguiente
      • I have an arrangement with the bank tengo un acuerdo / arreglo con el banco
      • he came to an arrangement with his creditors llegó a un acuerdo con sus acreedores
      • group visits by arrangement se ruega concertar de antemano las visitas en grupo
      • salary by arrangement sueldo a convenir

    • 2.2(fixing, agreeing)

      he helped us with the arrangement of accommodation nos ayudó a conseguir alojamiento

  • 3arrangements plural

    planes masculine
    the weather spoiled our arrangements el tiempo nos estropeó los planes
    • tell me how many are coming and I'll look after all the arrangements dime cuántos vienen y yo me encargaré de todo / haré todos los preparativos
    • what are the travel/sleeping arrangements? ¿cómo vamos (or van etc.) a viajar/dormir?
    • I had to see to the seating arrangements tuve que encargarme de disponer cómo se iban a sentar
    • arrangements for the transfer of funds should be made two weeks in advance la transferencia de fondos debe solicitarse con dos semanas de anticipación
    • he made the arrangements for the funeral himself él mismo se encargó de los preparativos para el funeral
    • she made arrangements for her mail to be sent on dispuso que le reexpidieran la correspondencia
    • I can't come, I've already made other arrangements no puedo venir, ya tengo otro compromiso
    • This year the scramble in Claremorris will be on the first Saturday in July and John has already made preliminary arrangements for the event.
    • He must then suggest future arrangements for European cooperation.
    • Could we request the university authorities to make better arrangements for holding these events in future, so that all students can exercise their right to associate and speak freely?
    • A special meeting to make arrangements for this event will be held in the near future.
    • I've already made preliminary arrangements for our plan, Nicholas.
    • When it came to healthcare Lewis said his government had prepared legislation and made arrangements for the introduction of a National Health Insurance Scheme.
    • The elaborate arrangements for the event extended to the provision of viewing facilities for the thousands of people who would come to the race.
    • In his letter in last week's Gazette, Vincent Doey referred to the future arrangements for the Parent Partnership Services for children in Wiltshire with special educational needs.
    • The Renuka Sangeetha Sabha, which is making arrangements for Saturday's event, has been organising a variety of music programmes to encourage young musicians.
    • For Spence, one of the main lessons that must be learned from the 2001 epidemic is that Scotland must be given full control over arrangements for dealing with future outbreaks.
    • A meeting will be held this evening, Tuesday, at 9pm in the Ballina Sports and Leisure Centre to make final arrangements for this event.
    • Another worker spent her first month as a legislative aide making arrangements for fund-raising events, the documents said.
    • We hope this will give you time to plan your own arrangements for Christmas and that as you pass Market House you can feel that you had a hand in the start of the restoration of the building.
    • A spokeswoman said: ‘We will be looking at alternative staffing arrangements for the future.’
    • West Wiltshire Primary Care Trust is planning an overhaul of arrangements for hospital cover at all community hospitals under its control.
    • The coordinating committee is now working on the arrangements for the event.
    • The Military District of Washington coordinated arrangements for the many events that led up to Reagan's official state funeral.
    • Well, the first step is to have an objective professional appraisal of your current arrangements and future plans.
    • North Yorkshire county councillors are protesting to the Government about proposed new arrangements for sixth-form funding to be introduced from April 2002.
    • The council is also waiting to hear about the detailed arrangements for the planning and administration of the national park.
    • These letters reveal the eager young composer fretting anxiously over arrangements for the premiere of the work.
  • 4

    arreglo masculine
    • A body of such works as instrumental duets and arrangements of theatrical tunes for small ensembles was tailored to amateur musicians of limited abilities.
    • He therefore embarked on a series of arrangements for String Orchestra in an attempt to present the String Quartet medium to a wider audience.
    • He has published numerous supplementary books for college group instruction, as well as duet and duo piano arrangements for young students.
    • The soundtrack offers a mix of orchestral arrangements, instrumental soloists and pop with a hint of strings.
    • Movies are a great source of memorable melodies, and the latest to enter the orchestral arrangements field is composer and pianist Brian Byrne.
    • Haydn's musical genius created the perfect accompaniments and arrangements for the folk melodies, elevating them to first-class lieder.
    • I was impressed by the sincerity of his voice and the musical arrangements of his songs.
    • He also gives a witty solo performance in the piano arrangement of the Valse from Façade.
    • A teacher's companion book that includes activities for the classroom and sheet music arrangements of the songs also is available.
    • Composer Christopher Dedrick combines bombastic orchestral arrangements coupled with delicate choral and piano pieces for the instrumental score.
    • This collection contains twelve song arrangements for piano with the lyrics printed at the close.
    • To me the musical arrangement, instrumentation, vocals and harmonies, are just as important as the lyrics.
    • They gave many performances of original arrangements from his operetta material.
    • The Andante is an arrangement for string orchestra of one of the movements of the quartet.
    • Although not all the symphonies survive, three are preserved in arrangements by the composer for piano duet.
    • One work the couple has performed frequently is a four-hand arrangement of Brahms's Fourth Symphony, written by the composer himself.
    • His speciality is extension of the guitar repertoire, with arrangements of Chopin, Brahms and, particularly, J S Bach.
    • Some of the orchestral musical arrangements sound absolutely spectacular.
    • The volume concludes with concert arrangements of Chopin's Rondo, Op. 16, and five waltzes.
    • Many important lessons about music making and piano technique can be gleaned through the teaching of these attractive arrangements.