Translation of arrhythmic in Spanish:


arrítmico, adj.

Pronunciation /əˈrɪðmɪk/


  • 1

    • They're not completely arrhythmic, the rhythms are just highly unconventional, often with different parts playing in different time signatures.
    • His eyes were darting around frantically, his left leg bounced with a steady, arrhythmic, annoying rhythm and he was wringing his hands consistently.
    • Featuring only Spencer Seim's erratically melodic guitar and Zach Hill's pummeling, rhythmically arrhythmic drums, Hella has enough energy to power a small town, or at least get a few folks convulsing in reaction.
    • Somewhat infelicitous and arrhythmic on paper, the pledge is powerful when chanted out loud by thousands.
    • Even the most arrhythmic Luddite has to cheer up when suddenly confronted with the Dr Who theme.
    • Meanwhile, the software applies various ‘error correction’ techniques to prevent an onslaught of arrhythmic noise, unless of course that's the goal.
    • The note-taking during the reading of the Flusser book enabled me to overcome the travel sickness in the arrhythmic opening movement that is inevitable in an unfamiliar book.
    • Iverson's Cheney Pinata is a lopsidedly bouncy Latin piece, with the pianist splicing complex, arrhythmic lines into spaces they shouldn't fit.
    • By the end of the piece, they are more apparent than they were at the start, since listeners take the arrhythmic nature of speech for granted.
    • As Wilson sits, singing from a pair of lyric prompters, he gesticulates in an arrhythmic, unsettling fashion.
    • The editing is arrhythmic - it somehow feels cut all wrong, like there's no breathing room.
    • O'Brien's stodgy, arrhythmic prose never brings its subject to life.
    • This fidgeting included absent-minded arhythmic key rattling, and moving repeatedly in his seat.
    • Thus his playing, metrical but superficial and arrhythmic, astounds not for its virtuosity, but for precisely the opposite: an ignorance of what rhythm is all about.
    • We start our trek with some arrhythmic percussion.
    • All three tracks attract dramatic arhythmic percussion like filings round a magnet.
    • Now, it's just words, torrents of them, stubbornly arrhythmic at times and other times too clinical to have any emotional impact.
    • Other songs branch off down these individual tributaries: ‘High on the Mountain of Love’ is an avalanche of sound; unwieldy and arrhythmic, the only thing certain about it is its persistent, all-encompassing forward momentum.
    • ‘Mäander’ is an incredible, multi-layered sound world of 4 or 5 layers of clarinets that is atonal, arrhythmic, ominous, and funereal.
    • Failing to understand or convey anything of the philosophy behind the notes, his performance was consistently stiff, hard and frankly arrhythmic.