Translation of arrival in Spanish:


llegada, n.

Pronunciation /əˈraɪvəl/ /əˈrʌɪv(ə)l/


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    llegada feminine
    arribo masculine Latin America formal
    our arrival at the airport nuestra llegada al aeropuerto
    • the arrival in Washington of the delegation la llegada de la delegación a Washington
    • we expect his arrival any moment estamos esperando su llegada de un momento a otro
    • the arrival of spring la llegada de la primavera
    • time of arrival hora de llegada
    • on arrival al llegar
    • In his notebook Gradowski described his journey by train to the camp and the selection process on arrival.
    • Apart from hugs and kisses on arrival and departure there has never been anything physical between us.
    • And I got away with it, even though I omitted to get my entry declaration stamped on arrival in Russia.
    • You can a get a discount on your King House tour if you show your Boyle Abbey entry ticket on arrival.
    • It had been pre-booked and the event organiser paid in advance on arrival.
    • If a person needs a crutch on arrival, why doesn't he need it on departure?
    • On arrival PC Hargreaves was met by relatives who told him the doors were locked.
    • On arrival I was handed a letter all the way from my mother in Knockmore, County Mayo, Ireland.
    • And on arrival in the Czech Republic they were put up in a penthouse suite at the Panorama Hotel.
    • He said the public is also being asked to attend at the nurses' station on arrival, before visiting the wards.
    • The civic party will stay in the Hotel Gottler and be welcomed on arrival on March 27 by German civic dignitaries.
    • Barcelona's bilingual nature is immediately obvious on arrival in the city.
    • In recent weeks, South African nationals have been arrested on arrival in Dublin Airport.
    • The price is based on two people sharing self-catering accommodation, which will be allocated on arrival.
    • And I recall that the last two times I have flown, one of my bags was missing on arrival.
    • Her first impressions on arrival was the scenic beauty, the lovely animals and the freshness of the air.
    • We strolled along the mown grass on a long trail around the grounds lasting about an hour and a half, guided by a leaflet handed to us on arrival.
    • The doctor who examined him on arrival at Bagram reported him in good health.
    • The team was given a great reception on arrival back in Swinford with the Cup.
    • Her arrival was greeted by a heartwarming display of affection from the people of Edinburgh.
    • The arrival of the Black Death brought social and economic chaos, from which not even the Minster was immune.
    • The arrival of synthetic products may have pushed bamboo and cane out of the front rows in the market.
    • The eventual arrival of Metrolink will also help attract more spectators and more participants to SportCity.
    • Which has become the most popular shooting sport in many countries since its arrival on the British market in 1989.
    • The arrival of the disease in the country would drastically reduce the profits of some of Brazil's largest meat exporters.
    • Some outbreaks had been reported in Yorkshire and so virulent was the disease that its arrival in Craven was seen as inevitable.
    • But Mr Howard's arrival as Opposition leader had evened things up all round.
    • The arrival on the market of DVD writers complicates matters even further.
    • I really never thought this would all happen with Latham's arrival as Labour leader.
    • The arrival of spring has put people in the mood for going out for a breath of fresh air away from urban centres.
    • The arrival of spring marked the launch of the assault on the South Pole.
    • It was just one store, but its arrival in this country changed the game completely.
    • Li Yinhe said the government had not yet comprehended the arrival of the sexual revolution.
    • The arrival of peace can immediately improve the environment for development.
    • The arrival of the railway in 1849 led to major development throughout the area.
    • Gorbachev's arrival as Soviet premier, however, had dire consequences for Bulgarian wine.
    • Opodo was a late arrival in the online travel business and racked up huge losses.
    • One of the first arrivals in the UK will be the Renault Logan, produced in Romania.
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    (person or thing)
    the latest arrivals in our fashion department las últimas novedades en nuestra sección de modas
    • congratulations on your new arrival felicitaciones por el nacimiento / la llegada de vuestro hijo
    • a new arrival on the London stage una nueva figura del teatro londinense
    • late arrivals will not be admitted no se permitirá el acceso a la sala una vez iniciado el espectáculo