Translation of arrive in Spanish:


llegar, v.

Pronunciation /əˈraɪv/ /əˈrʌɪv/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person/train/letter/news) llegar
    (baby) nacer
    (baby) llegar
    to arrive at/in llegar a
    to arrive on
    they've arrived! ¡han llegado!
    • summer/the moment has arrived ha llegado el verano/la hora
    • spring arrived early la primavera se adelantó
    • they've just arrived from abroad/Spain acaban de llegar / volver del extranjero/de España
    • flight 1702 arriving from Athens el vuelo 1702 procedente de Atenas
    • to arrive home llegar a casa
    • Now safe from harm, he and his parents continued their journey and when they arrived in Timnah the lovers looked at each other and were pleased.
    • The Varley family finally arrived in Shannon on the Sunday afternoon and Tony arrived in Westport just in time to go on stage.
    • He reached Kuala Lumpur and later arrived in Singapore, attached to RAF Changi and RAF Selectar.
    • Had he arrived in time the ship would never have reached Liverpool; but alas! it had already started before my agent could reach it.
    • A brief journey down the southeastern side of the lough and we arrived in the bustling seaside town of Bangor, Co.Down.
    • He arrived in Paris in 1681 and by 1688 had gained an influential clientele at court.
    • Thirty-five minutes after arriving in Kendal I arrived at work.
    • The cops were duly called and arrived in a few VW-combi vans.
    • The Coho arrived in Port Angeles in the dark, just before 6 p.m., the last boat of the day.
    • When he arrived in Beijing, someone cheated him of his money.
    • He arrived in San Francisco from his native England in 1855.
    • O'Brien noticed the trend when he first arrived in Arviat in July 2002.
    • Tests suggest the boy, believed to have been aged between four and six and have been alive when he arrived in London, may have been poisoned.
    • A Ukrainian student who arrived in Ireland only 10 days ago was killed when he was struck by a car early yesterday morning.
    • They had stop-overs in the Azores, Gander, Newfoundland and Boston, before they arrived in New York.
    • When he arrived in London, Mr Mpasi applied for asylum.
    • Youngsters who have a history of truancy or poor behaviour or who have just arrived in the city from overseas can find it particularly difficult to find a school place.
    • He said Museveni arrived in the country shortly after midday.
    • Customers on Blue Line 1 will be pleased to know that 12 new double deck buses will arrive early in November bringing much needed extra capacity on this busy route.
    • The circulating nurse verifies that the implant components have arrived and brings them to the OR.
    • I once ordered flowers at another florist's with the same time span for delivery and the flowers arrived on time.
    • But it is the Law of Sod, they may not arrive in the last delivery this evening, but they'll probably turn up in the first on Monday morning.
    • ‘We get deliveries for his restaurant arriving in our restaurant,’ said Leander.
    • The pizza actually arrived late because the delivery guy went to the wrong junior high.
    • Two weeks later, the missing doors and bolts arrived but the delivery man dropped one of the doors, which broke!
    • Rural families got their news from smaller papers delivered to town once a week or from magazines arriving by railroad.
    • The letters arriving to homes in the south of Ireland were not bringing the money that they had joined for.
    • Engineers work on the vehicles, stripping out engines; supplies are brought in and more equipment arrives daily.
    • Seeds and planting supplies were delivered late, wagons and ploughs arrived decrepit, axes were too small to be useful.
    • We were actually brought our main courses before the soup arrived, and had to remind the waitress of our order.
    • When the platter arrived, we wondered if they had misheard us and brought three servings.
    • Gifts arrive almost daily, and today brought another Amazon package.
    • In Swindon, nearly all local mail letters that are posted in the town and delivered to addresses in the SN area code arrive on time.
    • 1880 The first imported frozen meat from Australia arrived in Britain.
    • This morning a letter from the Labour Party arrives.
    • Lunch had arrived, the wonderful moment I had so been looking forward to.
    • With emergency supplies slow to arrive, some New Orleans residents have died of dehydration in the past few days.
    • Products take 5-7 days to arrive by DHL, for a reasonable £6 throughout Britain.
    • Twin babies girls arrived in Culleen recently to proud parents Pat and Mary Needham.
    • It was the best Christmas present of all for a young Stromness family when baby girl Holly arrived on Boxing Day.
    • The first Swindon babies of 2003 began arriving in the early hours of the year.
    • He's saying that he's going to take at least a year off to be with his daughter and the baby once it arrives.
    • Tamisha was one of three babies who arrived en route to Hampshire hospitals last weekend.
    • The 7lb 3oz girl was born at 2.45 am - the second baby to arrive on New Year's Day.
    • Cara was not the first baby to arrive in Bolton on New Year's Day.
    • It could be argued that baby Kennedy should arrive closer to its due date in the middle of this month - and polling day.
    • Doctors were unhappy with her condition and induced her, but did not expect the baby to arrive until Boxing Day.
    • A couple got more excitement than they bargained for when their baby decided to arrive early during a Peter Gabriel concert.
    • Her husband called Thomson Medical Centre, but an ambulance did not turn up for more than 45 minutes, five minutes longer than it took the baby to arrive.
    • They were both waiting anxiously for the new baby to arrive.
    • That was all and now he was waiting for his wife's baby to arrive so that he could safely return to his own lifestyle.
    • You have two important roles to play as you wait for your baby to arrive: first at the birth, and second in the raising of your child.
    • The baby started to arrive as her mother was in the bath trying to relax before being taken to hospital.
    • But her baby daughter started to arrive and the crew of the Oban lifeboat found themselves helping the midwife and paramedic.
    • His final wish was that he would get to see his newly born grandson who arrived into the world just three minutes after Bill passed away.
    • Bouncing bundles of joy welcomed the New Year in with a gurgle as the first babies of 2004 arrived in the early hours.
    • Baby Bilbe was due to arrive on December 27, instead she held out until 4 am on January 1.
    • Sarah, 19, had gone into labour just an hour earlier but her baby decided he would not wait for help to arrive.
  • 2informal

    (achieve success)
    (socially) llegar a ser alguien
    (actor/singer) alcanzar el éxito
    (actor/singer) triunfar
    she had arrived at the age of 30 ya había triunfado a los 30 años
    • However, if you struggle too much then you won't actually be able to achieve victory once you arrive.
    • The Miller Glasgow International Comedy Festival has finally arrived as a major fixture in the comic calendar.