Translation of arrogantly in Spanish:


con arrogancia, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈɛrəɡəntli/ /ˈarəɡəntli/


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    con arrogancia
    • They spell out what their intentions are rather than arrogantly assuming everyone trusts their judgment implicitly.
    • She turned away from him arrogantly, gathering her thoughts for a moment.
    • His wife pressures him to arrogantly walk across a red carpet into the palace, offending the gods.
    • They are able to get close to Caesar, who arrogantly refuses to consider the request.
    • I rather arrogantly thought that I was not in jeopardy.
    • He stood up and gave a half-hearted shrug arrogantly.
    • People can absorb anything if they are not deceived or treated arrogantly.
    • He always grins at me arrogantly when I pass his house.
    • A woman, her face displaying an enigmatic or even arrogantly impenetrable beauty, appears out of the gray Parisian night.
    • You led me to believe you enjoyed my company, then arrogantly spurned my proposal without even admiring the ring.