Translation of arrow slit in Spanish:

arrow slit

ventanuco estrecho, n.


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    (en construcción medieval) ventanuco estrecho masculine
    • A chilly wind found its way through the arrow slit and traced tingling red dots up her arms.
    • Known as a barbican, this part of the castle would have a drawbridge, a portcullis, arrow slits, machicolations (murder holes) - any device that was thought to be useful at stopping the enemy.
    • Hairpin bends, arrow slits and openings in walls and ceilings covered all angles, making it almost impossible for an attacker to storm the bastion through the main doorway.
    • Right next to the left tower was the immense gates, with murder holes and arrow slits in the walls.
    • The entrance is through a set of massive iron gates on the Rock Road, leading up to an imposing grey castle with fake arrow slits and masonry walls.
    • We played knights in armour, shooting imaginary arrows through the arrow slits in the walls, and hide and seek, when dad would hide behind an abutment and jump out at us.
    • But two ground-floor rooms, possibly study or morning rooms, survive in their original form, with ornate plasterwork, the walls shot through with medieval-style arrow slits glazed in stained glass.
    • Their outward facing walls are much thicker than those within and, while their inner faces have windows, their frowning outer faces are broken only by arrow slits.
    • Although the arrow slits in the walls are glassed in and electric bulbs take the place of candlelight, as you ascend the narrow, anti-clockwise staircase, the feeling of a different time is strong.
    • The guards shot at the oncoming demons from arrow slits in the castle walls.
    • The gatehouse is approached via a brick barbican, a defensive outwork furnished with arrow slits and end turrets.
    • Built in the 12 th century, what was left of the walls of the house still had spyholes and arrow slits in them.
    • The downhill hike was terrific, too - the battlements of the old wall are essentially intact, and as you walk down them you can peer out through the old arrow slits into the valley below.
    • They were miniature castles: tall and square, with no windows except for thin arrow slits on the third storey.
    • To create a medieval feel, the towers will have arrow slits and cars will be able to drive under the archway beneath a raised portcullis.
    • It proved to be solid, and was well lit from the two arches leading out to the ledges on each level they passed, as well as from arrow slits at intervals through the outside walls.
    • In addition, a medieval style archway will be put up across Churchgate from January 11 until January 25 and it will be built complete with turrets, a portcullis and arrow slits.