Translation of art in Spanish:


arte, n.

Pronunciation /ɑrt/ /ɑːt/

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    • 1.1(object of aesthetics)

      (generally masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural) arte masculine
      (class) (before noun) de arte
      (in school) de dibujo
      (cinema/film) de arte (y ensayo)
      she's studying art estudia Bellas Artes
      • Renaissance/18th century art el arte renacentista/del siglo XVIII
      • The Niland Gallery has one of the finest collections of modern Irish art in the world.
      • So the labels and the catalogue are of greater importance here than in an exhibition of more modern art.
      • What was striking about this year's fair was the appearance of more modern and contemporary art.
      • Belfast is another major city well worth travelling to for contemporary and modern art.
      • Formerly a vast and imposing power station, the building is now a vast and imposing modern art gallery.
      • Once seen as avant-garde, these thirtysomethings are now at the core of the modern art world.
      • The most economical way to sum it all up is with that favourite word of art critics: eclectic.
      • When he died in 1784 he was chiefly known as a sentimental playwright and art critic.
      • She was the muse and lover of the French poet and art critic Guillaume Apollinaire.
      • Built after the First World War it's renowned for its Rodin, but more modern art also has a place.
      • It was originally built as a picture gallery for a large private art collection, with a glass roof.
      • I like a lot of modern art but I am annoyed that so much gets paid for it.
      • There was lots of blond wood, geometric modern art on the walls, and new dishes on the menu that tickled our fancies.
      • The artists, who were all painters, had joined together to find somewhere to show modern art.
      • According to another, the British are preternaturally blind to the merits of modern art.
      • During the fifty plus years of his working life he saw the reputation and value of the modern art he admired rise.
      • The Earl certainly had a fine eye for art and appreciated both the beauty and rarity of the items he collected.
      • None the less it is possible for a student to buy art that will hopefully appreciate in value.
      • Also, perhaps surprisingly, there is even a shortage of art, or at least of art that can be reproduced.
      • It has also been reported that some institutions may even lend against a work of art to buy more art!
      • She had a real flair for art and did some brilliant drawings and paintings while she was here.
      • This event features a range of activities across art, music, dance and film-making.
      • There is already table tennis but centre workers would like more activities, such as art projects.
      • Its activities include the provision of lunches and a wide range of leisure activities from art to yoga.
      • Its sub groups included clubs for activities like drama, art and crafts, and country dancing.
      • The context for the development of Sam Doyle's career is as interesting as the artist and his art.
      • Like Warhol, he began as a commercial artist and his art has its roots in advertising.
      • Much of his work in stimulating art activities in the borough was carried out modestly and behind the scenes.
      • Unlike other prizes, the Turner does not attempt to award various categories of art or artists.
      • He first became interested in art while doing lino cuts and motion drawings in school.
      • This is undoubtedly an age of globalised art, in which artists routinely show in other countries.
      • This also makes them ideal for artists or art students seeking inspiration or affirmation.
      • We use art, poetry and prose so that visitors can feel and experience the beauty of nature.
      • This kind of art does little to inspire women to claim their independence, it is depressive.
      • There are limits to what art can accomplish and to what it should presume to do.
      • The pupils enjoyed stories, art activities and games and on Tuesday they enjoyed a Chinese meal.
      • If an artist can stay humble and focus only on his art, he rises way beyond his talent and his craft.
      • For all his inspiration, the artist still had to work at his art, and find people to buy it.
      • The festival art competition will involve youngsters creating paintings or drawings.
      • After art school Moira taught art for a couple of years at the secondary school in Blackminster.
      • Thirty of the dustmen are now being sent to modern art classes to try to ensure that the same mistake never happens again.

    • 1.2(artwork)

      trabajos artísticos masculine
      an arts and crafts fair una feria de artesanía

  • 2arts plural

    • 2.1

      the arts la cultura y las artes
      • arts page sección cultural
      • Ingram first became involved with music and the arts through the dance program at SFU.
      • The charity will also concentrate on funding the arts through sponsorship of music, ballet, opera and film.
      • There'll be another free download next week - and more coverage of the best music and all the arts.
      • He said more time should be spent on music, the arts and reading to allow pupils to think in a less regimented way.
      • Out of all the arts, it is dance which fetishises youth to the greatest degree.
      • This is also true of newspaper critics who cover the arts, films, music, and books.
      • In any community, music and the arts are not seen as stable professions.
      • He was a talented man whose ability covered his politics, his academic work, the arts and music.
      • The character loves the movies, loves the arts, loves music and it was a great way to incorporate that to make an original idea.
      • Of all the arts, music is the most often and most rigorously examined.
      • In the arts, literary and artistic canons are no longer restricted to the work of men.
      • Outside medicine she loved the arts and literature and particularly classical music and opera.
      • His experience in brokering has influenced his way of viewing the arts, the art works and artists.
      • The focus of the magazine is basically on urban culture, spanning music, fashion and the arts.
      • It is happening across the globe and in a hundred different corners of the arts and culture.
      • Iqaluit is a step closer to having its own year-round centre for showcasing the arts and culture.
      • A key part of the project will be to explore and promote the relationship between science, technology and the arts.
      • Writers would also like to see more subsidy for Scottish publishers, and for the arts and literature in general.
      • The arts develop because of aptitude, talent, genius, hard work and serendipity.

    • 2.2British University

      letras feminine
      Arts student estudiante de letras

  • 3

    (skill, craft)
    arte masculine
    the art of the potter el arte del ceramista
    • a dying/lost art un arte que se está perdiendo/que ya se ha perdido
    • the art of persuasion/conversation el arte de la persuasión/conversación
    • I never mastered the art of hanging wallpaper nunca llegué a dominar el arte del empapelado
    • How important was the ability to practice the art of seduction for a modern spy?
    • No one knows for certain in what epoch the Arabs began to practice the art of balladry.
    • It's quite an art actually; it's amazing the speed that some of these line managers can work at.
    • Used correctly, e-mail is a great asset but it's no substitute for the art of conversation.
    • It's ironic, but it's mobile telephones that have killed the art of conversation.
    • This used to be an art practised by waiters in posh restaurants right in front of the diner, and it was a joy to watch.
    • We must thank the broadcasters for their renewed effort to revive the art of conversation.
    • This is part of the art of being a practitioner and can greatly influence the ability to heal the patient.
    • He was often fingered as the source of government leaks and is skilful in the art of invisibility in times of trouble.
    • At home, my wife, with her talent in designing, soon mastered the art of baking cakes.
    • We all know card tricks are about the speed of the hand beating the eye but Daniel is an expert in the art.
    • If he's too late he'll sit and wait: for Max has mastered the art of queuing up.
    • Baby massage is an art, explained Archana Master as she gently massaged baby James.
    • He has mastered the art of the interview, meaning very little is disclosed.
    • When your schedule is as packed as mine you have to master the art of multitasking to get things done.
    • He reasons that if he is to take the job seriously he must master the art of getting good performances from actors.
    • Tugay bossed the midfield after delivering a masterclass in the art of pass and move.
    • Lively conversation and anecdotes will abound as the duo discuss the art of writing for theatre.
    • Having been born with the gift of laughter, let us seriously learn the art of laughing.
    • Undisciplined as the narrative may appear, it is handled with the art which conceals art.

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    → 2nd person singular present of be
    thou art (tú) eres