Translation of art deco in Spanish:

art deco

Art Decó, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑrt ˈdɛkoʊ/ /ˌɑːt ˈdɛkəʊ/


(Art Deco)
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    Art Decó masculine
    • Renaissance London also has a large range of Victorian cast-iron, English art deco and French decorative radiators.
    • It is a very rare example of English art deco: the style of the 1925 exhibition, rather than that of the Hoover Factory.
    • Many bathroom companies offer a ‘traditional’ range of styles that includes art deco.
    • The en suite is art deco in style with tiled floors and mosaic wall tiling.
    • Light touches of art deco give the sparely decorated room an uptown feel.
    • It had no place in the classical canon nor could it comfortably coexist with its successor, the squared-off art deco style.
    • The emerging style at the time was art deco, which was never her forte.
    • We chatted in her impeccably decorated Mayla Guest Lodge, art deco wherever you look, a cigar room even.
    • On the other side of the glass and mahogany door, the room, furnished with art deco lamps, bistro mirrors and very little else, was heaving.
    • A blueprint for the restoration of Morecambe's famous art deco Midland Hotel has been lodged with Lancaster City Council.
    • Of all the hotels in London it's one of the most beautiful; art deco throughout and with a ballroom that looks like it was taken straight from the Titanic.
    • The Prince dates from the 1920s - art deco - and to me it just is Paris.
    • Champions of art deco found it in expensive public buildings and fashionable private collections.
    • The building itself was art deco, straight from the 1920s when the gazette was started.
    • I have a thing for art deco, and this satisfied it nicely.
    • Some of his buildings have a classical ground floor, a tropical Gothic first storey and then change to art deco or even Scotch Baronial half way up.
    • The dominant colour is chocolate and cream while the dominant era is 1930s art deco.
    • Her first container was a conical shaped glass vase, very art deco.
    • One of the main features of art deco and interwar housing is the slender, steel-framed windows.
    • Eventually I noticed this was neither a hotel nor art deco, which made it unique on the Drive.