Translation of art gallery in Spanish:

art gallery

museo de arte, n.


  • 1

    (museum) museo de arte masculine
    (shop) galería de arte feminine
    • He edited an art magazine and ran an art gallery.
    • The theatre has been carefully remodelled and an art gallery and cafe added.
    • Small cafes and art galleries displaying work by local artists are popping up here and there.
    • Heading back to the car, Marcello talked excitedly of his plans to open his own art gallery.
    • You will also find several interesting museums and art galleries around the city.
    • If I see a beautiful painting in an art gallery, I have the need to tell others.
    • As the visitors walk through they can have spontaneous interactions with the artists and experience their works in surroundings very different from staid art galleries.
    • He's an internationally-renowned artist who set up an installation at the art gallery using pollen, wax, rice and milk.
    • The 10-day festival, divided into six different cultural events, will be held at various art galleries, theatre houses and open spaces in the City.
    • I wanted to know what Eyre made of a recent study showing that Britons visit more plays, concerts, libraries, museums and art galleries than their counterparts in France, Germany or Italy.
    • A cleaner at London's Tate Britain modern art gallery threw out a bag of garbage which formed part of an artwork because it was thought to be trash.
    • A regional art gallery is a significant asset in the cultural life of any community.
    • We're witnessing an expansion of national arts facilities on a par with the nineteenth century, when local philanthropists and businessmen funded art galleries, theatres and concert halls across Britain.
    • In art galleries curators seem obsessed by mass media and celebrity, audiences and participation.
    • In 1972 the municipal art gallery of his home town, Stockport, gave him a major retrospective exhibition.
    • Kristine was a manager at a small but very profitable art gallery in downtown Boston.
    • A retrospective exhibition of her work was held at the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery in 1972, to which she contributed catalogue notes.
    • He liked visiting the theatre and art galleries, and had firm views about what he saw.
    • We hit art galleries and picked up some pieces here and there to decorate our apartment.
    • She had accepted a position at the local art gallery and loved every minute of it.