Translation of art history in Spanish:

art history

historia del arte, n.


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    historia del arte feminine
    • Pater was writing just when the working methodology of academic art history was being established.
    • The study of art history in a Ph.D. program took up the better part of the next 15 years.
    • Hegel has been called the father of history for the historicizing model he offered the field of art history.
    • She studied art history, and she's contemplating being a curator in a museum.
    • Although he retains the painting style that he taught himself, Kox is no stranger to other contemporary artists, or to art history.
    • He became the first student from his local grammar school to go to Cambridge in fifty years, where he studied English and art history.
    • There seem to be many traditions of modern art, all working at the same time. Is that why we should study art history?
    • Although neither show lives up to its hype, both include some of the most sublime paintings by two of art history's big names.
    • I came late to archaeology, having studied art history at undergraduate level.
    • Propaganda posters are a part of the social history of the Chinese people and a part of China's art history.
    • Yet his position within twentieth-century American art history is not so apparent.
    • John Ott is a visiting assistant professor of art history at Whitman College.
    • Francesca Dal Lago is a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese art history at New York University.
    • She teaches art history and criticism at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
    • The authors of these essays are professors of history, literature, or art history.
    • Time has marched on since my long-ago youth, and so have art history and criticism.
    • How art history will position itself in these demarcation disputes remains to be seen.
    • Nonetheless, it is often claimed that Japanese art history is in a state of crisis.
    • Once you were smitten with the idea of art history, did you have a conception of where it might lead?
    • Mr Falck has been a professional artist all his life and also lectures on art and art history.