Translation of art house in Spanish:

art house

sala de cine de arte y ensayo, n.


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    sala de cine de arte y ensayo feminine
    (movie) (before noun) de arte y ensayo
    • The White Balloon is the first Iranian film to get an art-house cinema release in Australia, which is some kind of milestone.
    • Today he says he would have preferred ‘a European art house film rather than a Hollywood blockbuster’.
    • It's ironic that a motion picture designed as mainstream, commercial entertainment in France will be viewed as an art house film during its American run.
    • It's a shame that this film probably won't be exhibited again, even at our art-house cinemas.
    • Gosford Park I saw twice in the same week, once at the multiplex in the northern suburbs and then at an art-house cinema in the inner city.
    • European art-house cinema provided adult themes that seemed genuinely adult.
    • In England the film was mainly shown in art house cinemas to art house audiences.
    • People are beginning to go and see a documentary in the way they would seek out an art-house film.
    • I wanted more people to hear about the film than the usual art-house channels would allow.
    • We didn't want to make an art house film, we wanted to make something that is fairly commercial.
    • Despite struggling for acceptance, Greenaway eventually went on to become a solitary British icon in the European art house film movement.
    • This Christmas, though, you won't have to go to an art house to see a film inspired by disdain for Christmas.
    • Since the film's art house release five years ago, and subsequent turns on home video, the joke's been lost on about half the audience.
    • I was pointing out that those three films were commercial, and not aimed at the art house crowd.
    • The film can be seen in a lot of independent art-house cinemas and has drawn a good response from audiences, especially in the wake of its awards success.
    • Certainly a film for art house audiences, but also a nice first time introduction to Danish cinema that is bold and confident.
    • These exciting times arrive just as the Indian film industry itself is changing, with greater interaction between art house films and Bollywood.
    • In art house circles, Fellini is regarded as one of the greats.
    • Part of the scheme includes the art house cinema City Screen which was created from the former newspaper printworks.
    • The filmmaker was Peter Weir, one of the great art house directors of all time.