Translation of art student in Spanish:

art student

estudiante de Bellas Artes, n.


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    estudiante de Bellas Artes masculine, feminine
    • Art students today, he said, "draw on a computer then print their work to an etching plate."
    • The study of human anatomy was and is a part of the education of the art student.
    • Our student body consists of both working artists and art students who hail from all over the US and Canada.
    • When Clive is almost grown up, his father returns from India, and indulgently allows him to become an art student.
    • In the park he was approached by four young art students, who wanted to use Oskar as a model.
    • Impressionist art started with a rebellion by four art students and friends - Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet, Alfred Sisley and Frederic Bazille.
    • Art students are provided an opportunity to learn and integrate with a larger artist community.
    • This first volume follows a young woman art student who meets a weary leftist journalist against a background of boiling politics and decadence.
    • He became an art student in Dublin, and in 1894 published Homeward, his first volume of mystical verses, with the encouragement of Yeats.
    • In 1921, after a brief spell as an art student in London, she became engaged to a lieutenant, but she did not marry him.