Translation of artful in Spanish:


ingenioso, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrtfəl/ /ˈɑːtfʊl/ /ˈɑːtf(ə)l/


  • 1

    (scheme) ingenioso
    (person) astuto
    (person) taimado
    (person) artero
    • It is based on the observation that with a sufficient amount of clever handwaving and artful verbiage, you can interpret any piece of writing as a statement about anything at all.
    • United and Arsenal both discovered to their cost just how artful and ruthless this double act can be.
    • They were led into this cul-de-sac by the champion of artful deception, Bill Clinton.
    • He goes to Bath, where Sir Walter is now established with his two elder daughters and Elizabeth's companion Mrs Clay, an artful woman with matrimonial designs on Sir Walter.
    • Some Englishmen, too, may never forgive him for the artful deception that turned a World Cup quarter-final Argentina's way 20 years ago next summer.
    • If you look out for artful and dishonest sorts, you will probably spare yourself a big fiscal setback.
    • The interior designer has done her best to apply some artful cosmetics to a bit of an ugly face.
    • For all the perspective that can be gained through the artful use of analogies from prior campaigns, politics is too chaotic to be governed by rigid determinism.
    • But if there is anyone likely to endure in New York Democratic politics, it is this artful deal-maker.
    • In this respect it has been a splendidly artful chancellorship that has lasted the remarkable length that it has due in large part to our gullibility and our apparent willingness to let him get away with it.
    • Notice the very, very artful wording.
    • But these artful locutions raise more questions than they answer.
    • And Divided We Fall is so artful that by the time it ends we have recognized all of them as human beings and have recognized ourselves in them.
    • He tried an artful variant on the same trick by announcing a stunning personnel decision on the day before Thanksgiving.
    • I wouldn't dispute the accuracy, I just thought it was remarkably artful, and would expect nothing less of you, Ari.
    • In her preface, Hannah declares her book to be a ‘record of plain unvarnished facts’, but a glance at any page shows it to be something far more artful.
    • Chelsea's artful and stylish Portuguese manager courts controversy so often that it's clearly part of his game plan to provoke and unsettle the opposition.
    • Interestingly, artful Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has been looking pleased with himself these past few days now a referendum is almost certainly off.
    • People assumed that Jones was merely being artful when he spoke of a possible chink in the England line, centring around Charlie Hodgson and Henry Paul.
    • A trademark jink and artful cross paved the way for a goal that hauled Everton back into an encounter in which they were 2-0 down.