Traducción de artifice en Español:


artificio, n.

Pronunciación /ˈɑrdəfəs/ /ˈɑːtɪfɪs/

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    artificio masculino
    • Wenders always wants it both ways: high artifice and incorruptible honesty.
    • A master at work, he commands the screen with an effortless ease and a complete lack of artifice or contrivance.
    • But Murakami's narration moves along calmly and without clutter or artifice.
    • Whatever the cause, this interview held my interest and seemed free from artifice.
    • The Fast Runner is a rarity among movies in that it seems completely free of artifice.
    • There is no pretense, no artifice, no meaning, other than what you carry out after you've wiped the fiftieth tear of laughter out of your eye.
    • For some, the synthetic world of artifice and self-promotion that is popular music appears to have an irresistible lure.
    • Salgado prettifies through photographic artifice what ought to be shown in its true colors.
    • The jury whose votes ultimately decide what's art and what's artifice are, after all, human.
    • The women are collective composites of art and artifice, fact and fiction.
    • The public meeting has decayed, and what voters see on TV is constructed around artifice and falsehood.
    • With their knowing artifice, the works achieved a stifling kind of perfection.
    • Dogme is dedicated to ridding cinema of artifice and superficiality.
    • The purpose of art is not to deny artifice but to manage it so well that it appears inevitable.
    • Parker exposes the vanity, artifice and delusion that stand behind these apparently candid books.
    • He alone supplied the deft and necessary touch of self-conscious theatrical artifice.
    • Between the extremes of naturalism and overt artifice there are transitional pieces that combine both modes.
    • Fernandez, like many artists before her, engages in a dialogue between artifice and nature.
    • Above all, these works set as their priorities artifice and visual pleasure.
    • In turning the genre inside out, Godard creates a world in which real emotions resemble artifice.