Translation of artificial horizon in Spanish:

artificial horizon

horizonte artificial, n.


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    horizonte artificial masculine
    • Vertical bars mark the sides of the hangar and the ship's mast, and a further improvement comes in the form of a gyro-stabilised horizontal bar, which gives the pilot an artificial horizon to work with.
    • The aileron caused a turn, which the pilot rectified with rudder before realizing his error and returning his scan to the artificial horizon on the panel.
    • The system utilizes a huge artificial horizon with V-bar indicator and an HSI in your choice of arc mode or full display at bottom center.
    • I scanned my radar altimeter, my artificial horizon, and the simulated-suspect vessel.
    • Most of the scientific instruments were lost: the sextants, the big telescope, the five compasses, the artificial horizons; even the thermometers.