Translation of artillery in Spanish:


artillería, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɑrˈtɪl(ə)ri/ /ɑːˈtɪləri/

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    artillería feminine
    • From ahead came the rumble of heavy artillery fire off to the west and the east.
    • British forces took its airport and a bridge, but Iraqi forces resisted with artillery and heavy machine guns.
    • Thousands were killed from heavy artillery fire and constant aerial bombardment by the Nazis.
    • More important, the army was short on arms and munitions, particularly machine guns and heavy artillery.
    • Most of the shells fired by artillery guns were high explosive shells which could throw shrapnel over a wide distance in the trenches.
    • The two sides have exchanged heavy fire using guns, artillery and mortars.
    • The sound of heavy artillery fire could be heard from the fringes of the city, but there was no sign of US forces.
    • At Flushing the commandos began landing before dawn after a heavy artillery bombardment on the port.
    • Fire delivered by artillery and tanks formed the backbone of the antitank defense.
    • Due to their positions, standing patrols are ideal for controlling artillery and mortar fire.
    • The use of machine guns and heavy artillery consumed infantry offensives like bundles of straw in a furnace.
    • Some artillery guns fired white phosphorous rounds that create a screen of fire that cannot be extinguished with water.
    • The attack on Rommel's lines started with over 800 artillery guns firing at the German lines.
    • When we reached about the halfway point, then the mortar and artillery fire started falling.
    • We could hear the machine guns and the heavy artillery booming and they told us to march.
    • Modern categories of artillery fire solid shot, shrapnel, or explosive shells.
    • Sarin gas was fired in artillery shells and rockets into heavily forested terrain.
    • A huge number of artillery shells were fired into the area around Vimy Ridge.
    • On the rest of the front there was intermittent artillery fire.
    • The night here is punctuated by artillery fire and that fire was coming from the east.
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    (branch of army)
    the artillery la artillería
    • The mortar platoon is the personal artillery battery for the battalion commander.
    • Together with the armour, artillery and infantry, the Royal Engineers form one of the combat elements of the army.
    • Reinforced with artillery the Kwantung Army tried again on 23 July, but were again checked.
    • Perhaps surprisingly Fueter also held the rank of colonel in the artillery of the Swiss army.
    • Her husband is also on active military service with the 9th artillery regiment.
    • The French were handicapped by their lack of artillery and cavalry, which had ensured the success of the column elsewhere.
    • While the Army tends to view air power as merely an air artillery, the Air Force looks at itself as a strategic force.
    • More than 300 gunners from seven artillery units lined the road outside the cathedral.
    • Coalition ground forces wanted air support to take out harassing enemy artillery.
    • One month was spent practicing this tactic combining infantry, tanks and artillery.
    • During the second world war he served as a gunner in the South African artillery throughout the Italian campaign.
    • The authors are experienced artillery officers who subsequently became military historians.
    • A good part of their infantries were pulled out, but more of their armour and artillery came in.
    • Joseph Tilly was a military man and became a lieutenant in the artillery.
    • Our own artillery had to run up a good distance to get in range of the enemy artillery.
    • Hanoverian artillery cut the Jacobite troops to pieces, and Culloden was a slaughter.
    • To train your artillery to fire on command, you'll need to take matters into your own hands.
    • Russian artillery on surrounding hills fired hundreds of shells in between the jet attacks.
    • The Mahratta artillery opened fire at close range with grapeshot and chainshot, doing terrible execution.
    • Likewise, other artillery and light artillery companies from both flanks of the city began to fire.