Translation of artisan in Spanish:


artesano, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrdəzən/ /ˈɑːtɪzan/ /ɑːtɪˈzan/

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    artesano masculine
    artesana feminine
    • Bali is blessed with skilled and creative artisans as well as potential markets.
    • The Jamaican Arawaks were skilled artisans who left their paintings on the walls of many island caves.
    • The wages in real terms for agricultural workers and artisans have fallen.
    • The craftsmen I hire are skilled artisans who stay with me from project to project.
    • But it also offered peasants, artisans and cottage workers a degree of control over how and when they worked.
    • The artisans of Cuttack are skilled in filigree work and make gold and silver jewelry.
    • The beauty of the natural world is thus represented as the handiwork of a skilled artisan, examples of which are found in all cultures.
    • This gorgeously restored building is also home to an assortment of local artisans and antique dealers.
    • In the past, handicrafts were regarded as cheap souvenirs made by local artisans.
    • Away from the music, Jamaica has some excellent artisans and craftspeople, but not all items for sale are of good quality.
    • Tony Flinn is showing off a fork, the handle bent into an arch, the tines twisted and elongated, which he bought from a local artisan.
    • Many have joined in this effort to promote and widen marketing avenues for these artisans.
    • Yet, the sad fact is that the artisan, no matter how skilled, cannot compete with modern technology.
    • Most of the items on display have intricate craftwork, done manually by artisans from a rural background.
    • Artwork takes centre stage in Kendal for the next few weeks as the creative efforts of artisans across the region go on display.
    • The Wilkesite radicals were typically small businessmen, craftsmen, and artisans.
    • Most goods were produced by artisans who lived and worked in the same building.
    • Sarajevo and Mostar are well known for the wool rugs and carpets their artisans produce.
    • As was probably the case with Cade's rebels, some artisans and craftsmen could now read and write.
    • He brought in artisans from Italy to do the murals and intricate woodwork.