Translation of artist in Spanish:


artista, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrdəst/ /ˈɑːtɪst/

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  • 1

    (writer, musician, painter, sculptor)
    artista masculine, feminine
    sidewalk artist pintor callejero
    • pavement artist pintor callejero
  • 2

    Music intérprete masculine, feminine
    Theatre artista masculine, feminine
    Theatre actor masculine
    Theatre actriz feminine
    vaudeville artist artista de variedades / revista
    • variety artist artista de variedades / revista
    • Creative artists, screenwriters and filmmakers will need time to figure it out too.
    • Also, they all work in creative fields - artists, musicians, writers, architectural photographers, cartoonists.
    • The WSF was in some ways like a circus - a huge performing act with many artists, acrobats, entertainers.
    • Designing this seemingly simple piece of light sculpture required a creative team of artists, architects, and designers.
    • Visual artists and filmmakers teamed up with dancers and musicians.
    • Hollywood sees a moral dimension in protecting its property and the creative works of its artists, as well as a nobility in bringing entertainment to the masses.
    • Clowns relieve tension during performances by artists such as acrobats, flying trapezists and jugglers.
    • Company dancers, along with some guest artists perform 10 works, which they've created themselves.
    • I believe our filmmakers, writers, poets, and visual and performing artists do us proud, alongside those of anywhere in the world.
    • Poets, musicians, dance troupes, artists and actors from various African and Caribbean nations will be on the ship.
    • I doubt I can actually retire either, but that's another question, one facing many artists and creative people, especially women.
    • Deep in the quiet art kingdom, visitors may be summoned by the loud sound of beating gongs and drums to an open-air stage, where local artists perform the drum dance.
    • Logan and Murray-Leslie hide in a back room surrounded by friends: fashion buyers, designers, film-makers, artists.
    • Also, in an effort to promote khadi, models will display the garments while artists will perform traditional cultural programmes.
    • Some of Britain's finest artists will be performing in villages across the county as part of Rural Arts Wiltshire's spring season 2003.
    • He is one of the 150 artists performing worldwide for Cirque du Soleil.
    • There will also be face painters, clowns, artists, magicians and creatures of all shapes and sizes roving through the festival site.
    • Contemporary dance artists Forecast will be performing their new show Ready at Lancaster University's Nuffield Theatre on Tuesday.
    • Other events on the day include performing artists, novelty races, face painting, workshops, market stalls and music.
    • She will perform with other local artists at the launch.