Translation of artiste in Spanish:


artista, n.

Pronunciation /ɑrˈtist/ /ɑːˈtiːst/

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mainly British
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    artista masculine, feminine
    • The competition is intended for upcoming artistes and not for professionals.
    • The music was recorded specially for this program by a team of senior artistes in a professional studio.
    • To add to the festive occasion, there was a magic show and a puppet show by artistes who had come all the way from Tilonia.
    • The choreography blended the performances of stage artistes with the voice of the singer.
    • He says the makers wanted a glamorous artiste who can perform well in a key role.
    • The South African artistes will perform on a unique triple wheel which rotates on a central axis.
    • In another solo performance, the young artiste performed a popular Burmese number.
    • This is not the first time an Indian artiste will perform at the Carnegie Hall.
    • After their individual performances, the artistes will sing a theme song together.
    • Male artistes playing the role of both male and female characters perform on the stage at midnight.
    • Various scholars and artistes will give presentations at the seminar.
    • Mr. Mitra joined the troupe as a child artiste and now he is its secretary.
    • At the fete, patrons were treated to live performances from three bands and a number of guest artistes.
    • Yoga has the power to fine-tune these faculties, and helps an artiste enhance his or her performance.
    • He says, in fact, that Edmonton is the penultimate stop on his farewell tour as an open-air artiste.
    • It is a sort of sampling session for senior musicians and critics to measure the potential an upcoming artiste.
    • The situation is so bad that artistes are now straying to greener pastures.
    • Joan says she is aware of some music promoters who preferred female artistes showing off their bodies.
    • Night after night these artistes travelled to remote areas of the country taking the art form to the people.