Translation of artistic in Spanish:


artístico, adj.

Pronunciation /ɑrˈtɪstɪk/ /ɑːˈtɪstɪk/


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    (design/decoration/merit) artístico
    the artistic temperament el temperamento artístico
    • he was artistic, like his grandfather tenía dotes artísticas, como su abuelo
    • His work has proved difficult to define within the artistic milieu of Hans Holbein the elder's workshop.
    • Normally there is a close relation between art world consensus about artistic value and market value.
    • Let me conclude this topic by looking at inflation in the art market and artistic attempts to escape it.
    • Landscape painting enjoyed a great vogue in the seicento, an age of artistic originality in many directions.
    • Sickert seemed to share Degas' artistic vision in a way he never did with Whistler.
    • The sculptor subsumes his own artistic personality into this collective whole.
    • Matisse grew up in a provincial environment starved of artistic contact.
    • This is artistic licence and I think Rubens is taking it to portray sheer power.
    • It's this artistic energy that makes the art business so much fun for the rest of us.
    • Yet in his lifetime the horse was of course as much a problem for Stubbs's reputation as it was the cornerstone of his artistic practice.
    • Four major exhibitions celebrate different aspects of Turner's artistic achievement this season.
    • Throughout his career he was an advocate of Constructivism not merely as an artistic movement but as the ideology of a way of life.
    • His conclusion was that the year had been rather better for the cause of artistic freedom than it had been for art itself.
    • For a museum man of those days Reynolds was unusually aware of current artistic trends.
    • It was hardly surprising that Glasgow at the end of the 19th century should have been a hotbed of artistic creativity.
    • I went to a school that catered for artistic and creative ambitions.
    • Both the state and communal administrations support artistic formation and creativity.
    • It is one of the great artistic, cultural and creative centres of the world.
    • Or if there is a strong creative or artistic aspect in their charts, they can aim for the arts.
    • The executives were trying to wrestle artistic and creative control back.
    • They were exquisite, artistic and elegant, bringing a whole new look to sarees.
    • Out has gone the traditional lawn which has been replaced by water while hedges have been replaced by artistic steel designs.
    • Speaking generally, the French designs are the most artistic and the English the most humorous.
    • Arrange the asparagus tips on top in an artistic design of your choice.
    • The powers-that-be assured me that the shots were going to be lovely and artistic.
    • It was such a beautiful, artistic shot, with the blackness outlining this post as it jutted up from the water.
    • Firstly, the sole bite mark out of the bottom corner is an exquisite artistic touch of which even Tracey Emin would be proud.
    • Generally, viewers are amazed that sexual motifs can be so beautiful and artistic.
    • Am I ready for the blandness of tasteful white walls and artistic black and white photographic prints?
    • Instead, she watched Seth as he picked up a beautiful, artistic vase, studying it with respect.
    • In his hand was a blue envelope with his parents' address written on it in his mother's fine, artistic handwriting.
    • It is only after people have a good command of the basics that they can do so in an elegant and artistic manner.
    • His beautiful artistic hands began to lengthen, his claws replacing his nails.
    • The film that Alex created, and what he wanted to create, is just beautifully artistic to me.
    • In any case, these sweet crepes are artistic creations and legitimate desserts.
    • Children who take along their own flowers will be shown how to turn them into artistic creations.