Traducción de artistic director en Español:

artistic director

director artístico, n.


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    director artístico masculino
    directora artística femenino
    • Over the years, and through five artistic directors, American Ballet Theatre has remained remarkably true to its original identity.
    • Playwright and actor Chris Craddock is the new artistic director of Azimuth Theatre.
    • She was the artistic director of Soho Poly and Greenwich Theatre.
    • She is currently the artistic director for Touchstone Theatre, and a freelance director as well.
    • In Montreal's French-language theatre scene, the school's influence is perhaps felt most strongly through the graduates who have gone on to become artistic directors of theatre companies.
    • Women film directors, for instance, are as rare as women symphony conductors - and women artistic directors of ballet companies.
    • This season he has joined the theatre's team of artistic directors.
    • Kinloch, a former artistic director of the Byre Theatre in St Andrews, is thrilled by the standard of work she's been seeing.
    • Would you be interested in becoming the artistic director of a theatre?
    • Neumeier first started working as the artistic director of Hamburg Ballet.
    • When Neil Murray hatched his plan to run Glasgow's Tron Theatre without an artistic director it was a bit of risk.
    • She has recently been appointed as the first artistic director of the National Theatre of Scotland.
    • He is also an associate artistic director of the Alley Theatre in Houston, Texas.
    • It shows great self-belief when an artistic director brings his own work to the stage of his new post when in only his second year there.
    • Programming control is just one of the many issues over which artistic directors and boards of directors disagree.
    • Credit should go to the new programming triumvirate of executive director Sally Lee and artistic directors Jane Kim and Nobu Adilman for opening up this niche festival.
    • As well as admiring the work of artistic director Alan Ayckbourn, Carol found the theatre captured her imagination.
    • The RSC is controlled by its artistic director who reports to a board of governors.
    • They want the German capital to be home to a cross-cultural experiment that turns performers into artistic directors, giving them a genuine say in what they do and who they perform with.
    • The company would be run instead by an administrator and an artistic director.