Translation of artistry in Spanish:


arte, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrdəstri/ /ˈɑːtɪstri/


  • 1

    arte masculine
    the dancers displayed great artistry los bailarines hicieron gala de una gran maestría en su arte
    • There was an explosion of colour, creativity and artistry on display among the masqueraders.
    • Equally apparent is the skill and artistry with which Melville transcends his influences.
    • You will be enthralled by the skill and artistry of the Russian ice stars.
    • Of course most of us will never be able to match the skill and artistry of the great musicians of our time.
    • All are carved from white granite and show a skill and artistry rarely seen elsewhere.
    • There is no mistaking the technical skill and artistry of these dancers.
    • He has created a small menu of mostly Asian cuisine, lending his own inspired artistry to each dish.
    • They are a potent symbol of the jet age and a form of aerial artistry that decorates clear blue skies.
    • I was in utter admiration of the talent and artistry that the guys all possessed.
    • Even the emotional experience that Tchaikovsky's music affords us can be traced back to his consummate artistry.
    • For he saw in the mass market of Hollywood one whose artistry might equal or surpass anything available in the European art houses.
    • There are moments of artistry and tenderness in the best of these photographs but they come from the man behind the camera, not her.
    • Peter Jackson's King Kong was an epic work of consummate artistry.
    • His clarity of projection, firmness of line, richness of tone and nobility of presence all bespeak rare artistry.
    • The piano artistry of Leviev has brought him recognition as a one of the major jazz innovators of this century.
    • Every few years Oscar sees fit to reward genuine artistry, thereby reminding us why we watch the show in the first place.
    • Today garden artistry is available to everyone, and it doesn't have to be on a grand scale.
    • Like his film-star predecessor Ronald Reagan, he makes no great claims to artistry.
    • Will his wife appreciate his artistry or will she have him cut it up for firewood to keep her warm?
    • It is a testament to his consummate artistry that Hunt's oeuvre does not become repetitive.