Translation of artwork in Spanish:


ilustraciones, n.

Pronunciation /ˈɑrtˌwərk/ /ˈɑːtwəːk/


  • 1

    ilustraciones feminine
    material gráfico masculine
    • Accordingly, there is no need for any new artwork or other materials to be produced.
    • But there is a big difference between the artwork and its publication in the mass media.
    • Friday night was spent finishing up the artwork for the vinyl version of the album.
    • We're in the process of finishing the artwork for a disc that will be available in mid-April.
    • Spookily, their albums came out simultaneously, with practically identical cover artwork.
    • A beadwork portrait he made of Janet Jackson was used as cover artwork for Rolling Stone Magazine.
    • If anybody can provide a nice logo, and/or some artwork for the frontpage, that'd rock.
    • The resulting artwork is so remarkable, that one of the works is featured on our cover.
    • I'd also very much like someone, if possible, to do some artwork for this fic, but that's not necessary.
    • Thoughtlessly I decided to do everything by myself, including artwork for the figures and all the typing.
  • 2

    (work of art)
    obra de arte feminine
    • To put it crudely, modern artists use past artworks freely for whatever they want.
    • His process of making intaglio prints results in artworks that are rich in texture.
    • There was an exciting selection of artworks on the visual arts trail in a variety of venues in the city.
    • When her eyes adjusted, she gaped in awe to see tons of renaissance artworks and statues.
    • This allows time to check out the visual artworks and videos from the drama students.
    • It's hardly a compelling reason - but who can blame them for wanting to show some of the greatest artworks ever made?
    • While these make for attractive invitations, it is not quite clear how they function as artworks.
    • The aura of older artworks stemmed from their special power in religious cults and their unique situation in time and space.
    • They often source their artworks from Sowetan artists but also from elsewhere.
    • You will, however, be spurred to look at a variety of artworks and art periods with fresh eyes.
    • Adjoining rooms in the new gallery play host to an extensive collection of artworks in a variety of disciplines.
    • With only a little mess, he's produced these original artworks for your viewing pleasure.
    • As well as pictures there are artworks made with flowers, and records of gardens made by artists.
    • The mural may be copied from one of Miro's artworks or it may be an original idea.
    • People made their own temporary artworks, displaying them in plazas or carrying them around in public processions.
    • View Five featured exceptional artworks by international and Irish artists.
    • The only other ways for important artworks to be seen by more people was by making engravings of them.
    • The artworks on display include the gold head from the Oxus treasure from the 5th century BC.
    • My own confident view is that the building will continue to be a significant gallery for the display of artworks.
    • The medium is also significant because his artworks are anything but elitist.