Translation of arum lily in Spanish:

arum lily

cala, n.

Pronunciation /ˌɛrəm ˈlɪli/ /ˌɛərəm ˈlɪli/

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nounplural arum lilies

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    cala feminine
    • These plants belong to the arum lily family, as does the better-known tropical root crop taro.
    • My pool is small and I already have an arum lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Crowborough’, in residence to provide large leaves and exotic flowers.
    • Where space is at a premium Lysichiton camstchatcensis, the white arum lily, is smaller in habit and spectacular when planted near a pond or a stream.
    • It's a day to sleep in - especially good this weekend as there's a lot of rain on the way, and there's no sound like heavy rain on the huge arum lily leaves just outside my bedroom window.
    • I may also throw in a packet or two of home-made honey-nut granola, some fresh veggies from my organic garden, a pot of herbs and an arum lily bulb each (mine grow wild and huge, but their season is at an end).
    • The inflorescences of several members of the arum lily family have also been shown to produce heat during flowering, but the involvement of UCP-mediated heat production in plants is not known.
    • She carried a bouquet of cream roses, white arum lilies and bear grass.
    • It is planted with many varieties of Cape fynbos, cycads, huge strelitzias, beds of clivias, large arum lilies, proteas and trees such as yellowwood and cabbage.
    • It was a work of art, four feet in diameter comprised of orchids, lilies of the valley, hyacinths, arum lilies and white carnations.
    • One way of dealing with damp areas in the garden is to plant a bog garden with plants such as arum lilies, tree ferns and sedge grasses.
    • Her next display was a boat - shaped container filled with a stralitzia and two leaves for sails. Pink protea, aspidistra leaves, yellow orchids and yellow arum lilies were clustered around the base of the stralitzia.
    • On the smaller parcel of land, he built a two-roomed hut, laid a cobble-stoned courtyard and planted arum lilies.
    • People also hunt for ferns, orchids, arum lilies and buchu.
    • Thermogenic inflorescences of some arum lilies have the highest rates of respiration known among plants.
    • Banks of white arum lilies and the blue globes of agapanthus lined the Levada do Norte, along with oleander bushes in full bloom.
    • She carried a teardrop bouquet of arum lilies, cream roses, and purple lysianthus and statice.
    • Despite the odd vulgar touch (in the style of mock Tudor), the area is lush and lovely, with ancient trees, exotic bushes and arum lilies that grow like weeds.
    • Colourful perennials such as the Flag irises in blue or yellow, Astilbe in feathery pinks and the faithful arum lilies are also suitable.
    • Wiese, 68, owns Ongombo West, a farm located 50 km from Windhoek where she and her son Andreas raise cattle, grow vegetables and for the past five years, produce arum lilies for export to Germany and The Netherlands.
    • There's a tiny space in my office that takes me there - a polished shell, a gilded Indonesian bowl, a crystal vase of pure white arum lilies from my garden, placed on a deep blue cloth.