Translation of as in Spanish:


cuando, conj.

Pronunciation /æz/ /əz/ /az/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(when, while)

      I saw the car as it turned the corner vi el coche cuando daba vuelta (a) la esquina
      • as she was eating breakfast, the telephone rang cuando / mientras tomaba el desayuno, sonó el teléfono
      • as you go toward the bank, it's the first house on the left yendo hacia el banco, es la primera casa a mano izquierda
      • as I sit here, I wonder what went wrong sentado aquí, me pregunto qué fue lo que pasó
      • She watched him as he approached her.
      • I grabbed the keys to the store as I left.
      • The ice continued to melt, but as it did so, I continued to slip deeper into the unknown.
      • I was raised as a Catholic in Poland but as I grew older I started to question things.
      • Last night, as we drove back from the grocery store, the sky was a deep blue with pink-tinted edges.
      • They were showered in debris as the house collapsed and Amanda was separated from her party.

    • 1.2(indicating progression)

      a medida que
      we buy the materials as (and when) we need them compramos los materiales a medida que / según los vamos necesitando
      • he mellowed as he grew older se fue ablandando con los años

  • 2

    (because, since)
    as it was getting late, we decided to leave como se hacía tarde, decidimos irnos
    • There are concerns for her as she was ill before she vanished.
    • Athlone requested the game be played before Christmas instead of January 8 as students will be on holiday.
    • Children's charities would like more help distributed through child benefit, as it is paid to all children through their mother.
    • I look forward to more of their efforts, as they seem to be a young company with an interesting slate of artistic foreign films.
    • I miss him terribly as he was also a very good friend before any sort of romantic relationship developed.
    • This is a hard letter to write, as I have to admit I was wrong, and I hate that.
  • 3

    try as he might, he could not open it por más que trató, no pudo abrirlo
    • (as) tall as she is, she still had to stand on a chair to reach it alta como es, se tuvo que subir a una silla para alcanzarlo
    • (as) strange as it may seem por extraño que parezca
    • much as I agree with you, I cannot allow it aun estando de acuerdo contigo como estoy, no lo puedo permitir
  • 4

    • 4.1(expressing comparison, contrast)

      igual que
      he writes with his left hand, as I do escribe con la mano izquierda, como yo / igual que yo
      • she sang wonderfully, as only she can cantó maravillosamente, como solo ella sabe hacerlo
      • in the 1980s, as in the 30s en la década de los 80, al igual que en la de los 30
      • Try as she might, she can't keep her troubled family from fragmenting.
      • But, good as he is, he was not the only reason to enjoy the film.
      • Unless you are of a particularly curious bent, you would not even wish to sit down and eat with these people - dazzlingly clever as they undoubtedly are.
      • Caroline, tired as she was, obediently followed.
      • Medicine Lodge, Kansas, small as it was, contained seven saloons for the comfort of local drinkers.
      • I still can't push that memory out of my mind, hard as I might try.

    • 4.2(in generalizations)

      as is often the case como suele suceder
      • it's quite reasonable, as restaurants go para como están los restaurantes, es bastante razonable

    • 4.3(in accordance with)

      as I was saying como iba diciendo
      • the situation, as we understand it, is … la situación, tal como nosotros la entendemos, es …
      • as you'll agree, the system is inefficient estarás de acuerdo conmigo en que el sistema es ineficiente
      • I'm used to all kinds of hard work, as you know, and I'm not afraid.
      • However, as I mentioned earlier, most people are totally unaware of the East Village Arts District.
      • Lee was a night-time security guard as I recall, not a cop.
      • I've got a business to run, as you can see.
      • The lady is not, as he said in his letter, ten years younger than he, but a little older.
      • They commented on our house, as we all knew they would.

  • 5

    • 5.1(in the way that)

      I love her as I would my own daughter la quiero como a una hija
      • A is to B as X is to Y A es a B como X es a Y
      • do as you wish haz lo que quieras
      • do as I say haz lo que te digo
      • she sang as never before cantó como nunca
      • she arrived the next day, as planned/expected llegó al día siguiente como se había planeado/como se esperaba
      • they proceeded as instructed procedieron de acuerdo a las instrucciones recibidas
      • use form A or B as appropriate use el formulario A o B, según corresponda
      • as things stand tal (y) como están las cosas
      • knowing him as I do conociéndolo como lo conozco
      • Thank you Mrs Peck, as usual you have been very helpful.
      • Since the mother is ill, she may not be able to care for her baby as she would if she were well.
      • The bout was, as was the case back then, a slow-paced fight compared to the fights of today.
      • You may add more sugar to the recipe as you wish, but don't over-sweeten it.
      • The direction deserves commendation, as do all the actors.
      • She was the same as always, but her hair looked brighter and her eyes sparkled more.

    • 5.2(defining)

      it would be the end of civilization as we know it significaría el fin de la civilización tal y como la conocemos
      • I'm only interested in the changes as they affect me solo me interesan los cambios en la medida en que me afectan a mí
      • Sri Lanka, or Ceylon, as it used to be known Sri Lanka, o Ceilán, como se llamaba antes
      • Paris as seen by tourists is a very different city el París que ven los turistas es una ciudad muy distinta
      • their position, as opposed to ours su postura, en contraste con la nuestra

  • 6

    (in comparisons of equal degree)
    as … as tan … como
    • I am as tall as you (are) soy tan alta como tú
    • I left as soon as I could manage me fui en cuanto pude
    • there weren't as many people as (there were) last time no había tanta gente como la última vez
    • I bought as much as I usually do compré tanto como de costumbre
    • she's not as efficient as she claims to be no es tan eficiente como pretende
    • as many people as ask will be helped se ayudará a cuantas personas lo soliciten
    • I'm as much a patriot as any of you soy tan patriota como cualquiera de ustedes
    • she ran as fast as she could corrió tan rápido como pudo / lo más deprisa que pudo
    • tighten it up as much as you can apriétalo lo más que puedas
    • the sky was as blue as blue could be el cielo estaba azul, azul
    • I'll be as quiet as possible estaré lo más callado posible
    • Police arrested as many as 150 people for participating in a rare public protest to call for reforms.
    • The plan is less than the estimates of some analysts, who had said the company may have to pay as much as $4 billion.
    • Now the chimp is an endangered species, with as few as 150,000 chimps left in the wild.
    • A major resort might spend as much as $1 million annually on its power bill for snowmaking.
    • Your fish will survive in as little as 18 inches of water as long as it does not freeze solid.


  • 1

    it's not as cold today hoy no hace tanto frío
    • I can't run as quickly now no puedo correr tan rápido ahora
    • I have lots of stamps, but he has just as many/twice as many yo tengo muchos sellos, pero él tiene tantos como yo/el doble (que yo)
    • I eat a lot, but he eats just as much yo como mucho, pero él come tanto como yo
    • I was disgusted and said as much estaba asqueado y lo dije
    • she's very considerate and I wish I could say as much for you es muy considerada y me gustaría poder decir lo mismo de ti
    • He's not as big as you think he is.
    • A microprocessor, as small as a postage stamp, performs thousands of calculations per second based on readings from the sensor.
    • They know the company as well as I do.
    • I'm not nearly as good as she is, but I'm still learning.
    • The other guy was all muscle, and he was strong, but not as fast.
    • It's best to plant bulbs as soon as possible after bringing them home.
    • Most mums-to-be want to look just as nice as they did before they became pregnant.
    • Paris has been almost as hot as Mecca this week.
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    as … as
  • 3 formal

    (for example)
    there are some moving moments, as when … hay momentos conmovedores, como cuando …


  • 1

    • 1.1(in the condition, role of)

      as a child she adored dancing de pequeña / cuando era pequeña le encantaba bailar
      • as a teacher/diplomat … como maestro/diplomático …
      • she was brilliant as Cleopatra estuvo genial en el papel de Cleopatra
      • he works as a clerk trabaja de oficinista
      • she was dressed/disguised as a man estaba vestida/disfrazada de hombre
      • he strikes me as a fool me parece un tonto

    • 1.2(like)

      they answered as one man respondieron como un solo hombre

  • 2

    (indicating perception, portrayal)
    we regard this policy as mistaken consideramos equivocada esta política
    • this strikes me as brilliant esto me parece brillante


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